Frugal Foodie Friday: Chocolate-Covered Vegan Cake Balls


Nutty Vegan Cake Balls RecipeThis is what I refer to as a "Waste Not Want Not Recipe." You see, it was my husband's birthday this past week, and he requested vegan vanilla cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting – a treat I had made for him in the form of a cake two years ago.

Unfortunately, I made two major mistakes. First, rather than using my tried and true recipes for the vegan white cake and chocolate fudge frosting (both recipes in Go Dairy Free), I decided to trial someone else's recipe for white vegan cupcakes that I had never tried before. (Note to self: stick to tried and true recipe for special occasions!). Second, I forgot where we lived. Having not baked a cake since moving back to the mountains … at 6000+ feet, I completely forgot about the differences in baking. Baked goods rise here really well, in fact too well at times … and vegan cupcake recipes often rely a bit too heavily on leaveners. And, well, you know the old saying, what goes up, must come down … See One Frugal Foodie for the full post and recipes for Traditional Vegan Cake Balls and Nutty Vegan Cake Balls.

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