Frugal Foodie Friday: Ten-Minute Tuna Couscous


Ten Minute Tuna CouscousJanuary always seems to be hectic, time for getting organized after the holidays and serious about our goals. Unfortunately for me, this also means a little less time for creating in the kitchen. Lately, my husband and I have been in throw-it-together mode. The results have beeen delicious (a dairy-free/gluten-free eggplant lasagna that I created and a spicy mushroom pepper pork stir fry courtesy of my husband), but alas, they really were using up the fridge meals that I just didn’t have the energy to measure and write down.

But in the spirit of things, I thought I would share one of my quick lunch meals, Ten-Minute Tuna Couscous. It is truly a speedy endeavor, flavorful, and quite versatile. The recipe, as I have made it numerous times for myself and a ravenous husband, is below. However, I tend to fiddle with the seasoning amounts often, so feel free to adjust to your own tastes.

I am planning on attempting a vegetarian / vegan version of it using lightly smashed chickpeas and a sheet of nori seaweed (cut into small pieces) in place of the tuna. Nori seems to have that great “from the sea” taste and I thought it might compliment chickpeas/garbanzo beans well. Head to One Frugal Foodie to see the recipe (and the new blog look!) and to offer any quick couscous lunch ideas you may have.

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