Frugal Foodie Fridays: Mini-Mushroom Parsley Patties


Mini-Mushroom Parsley PattiesI am revisiting an oldy-but-goody from my blog for this Frugal Friday for a few good reasons. First off, it is summer, and I love quick and easy stove-top recipes that are fairly light and won't require a lot of (hot) cooking time. Second, did you see this awesome study on mushrooms in the prevention of breast cancer? Plain old, inexpensive button mushrooms nonetheless. Third, mushrooms and parsley can be found in abundance for a great price this time of year … or perhaps you even have a fresh herb garden sprouting!

If you are planning ahead, prepare the mix for the Mini-Mushroom Parsley Patties sans eggs in advance. Let the flavors sit and meld in your refrigerator for several hours or overnight. Just before shaping into patties and cooking, fold in the eggs. If you are going it egg-free, or using an egg substitute, definitely allow some refrigerator time, as this will also help with the binding. Now, onto the Recipe!

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