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*Chains – Red Robin

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Rave #1 – Thanks to Go Dairy Free viewer Dana for sending us this recommendation, "I wanted to recommend the restaurant Red Robin, I dined there and they have a menu all done up for allergies, it was just wonderful to have that tool to use.  All you have to do is ask for it.  They have a page done up for different allergies, all you have to do is flip to the page matching your allergies."

Rave #2 – And a second enthusiastic Red Robin fan, Julie, "Red Robin is known for their burgers and has many locations throughout the U.S.  I received [allergen] information from them as my son like to go there."

Rave #3 – They just keep on coming; thanks to Stacey for sending in her experience with Red Robin, "We eat dairy free due to my son's milk protein allergy.  We discovered Red Robin has a complete list of items you can eat depending on your allergy/aversion.  A manager comes out to give you the special menu and see if you have any questions.  Very friendly and great food too!"

I followed up with the company, and you can also email them ahead of time through their website to get a copy of their allergen menus. Their allergen menus address milk allergies, egg allergies, fish allergies, peanut allergies, tree nut allergies, shellfish allergies, soy allergies, and wheat/gluten allergies. They have an interesting format, telling you what you can order rather than what you can't (most items must be ordered with modifications). I was elated to find that the Grilled Salmon Burger could actually be ordered as is, and it would arrive dairy-free!

I was unable to copy the list in, so I do recommend emailing them for your own copy. Some highlights of dairy-free (talking milk-free here) yumminess include the Salmon Burger mentioned above, the Honky Tonk BBQ Pork Burger (no banana peppers), the Bonzai Burger (sans cheese), and the Hot Apple Crisp if ordered without caramel and ice cream (but hey, it's still dessert!).

 To locate a Red Robin, see their website: www.redrobin.com


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