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Thanks to Jenny for emailing this recommendation:

I went to Chuy’s today- one of my favorite restaurants.  I have not been there since the new non dairy diet.  They actually have a special non dairy menu.  That was awesome- I did not have to worry if something was cooked in butter.  I know they have locations in Texas- Houston & Austin.

and Andrea:

Chuy’s had a dairy free menu, easy to read and readily available when I asked, that also provides dairy-free sauces so that you can customize your order.  Very accommodating.

Their non-dairy menu doesn’t appear to be online, but you can find a location on their website (see below) and check it out for yourself:

Website: www.chuys.com

Chuy's Mexican Restaurant Chain in Texas (dairy-free menu available!)

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  1. I just called the Chuy’s in Round Rock, and they said I could order anything without cheese or milk… which IMHO does not warrant them being touted as having a “dairy free menu”. That’s the same as any other restaurant…

  2. I just tried the Chuy’s in Austin on N Lamar and when I asked for a dairy-free menu, the hostess and server both looked at me like I was crazy. The manager came over and said something like they used to provide those menus but because they couldn’t guarantee no cross-contamination, they stopped.
    Perhaps this differs by location?
    In any case, I got the chicken tortilla soup without cheese which as delicious but I couldn’t be absolutely sure it was dairy-free.

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