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Earth Balance Soy-Free Natural Buttery Spread

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Ta da!

One of the questions I received by email asked me to recommend a dairy- AND soy-free margarine. Until a few weeks ago, I would have been stumped. But now Earth Balance (our favorite margarine company) has a soy free variety.

What it looks like

Earth Balance Soy Free has a good buttery flavor, just like the other Earth Balance varieties. Tasting it side by side with their Soy Garden, it seems to be a bit saltier and a softer consistency.

Welcome to the family!

I spread it on flatbread, and used it to make popovers and homemade brownies. It has a much lower smoke point than the Soy Garden or regular EB varieties. (Smoke point? Geez, next she'll be talking about the margarine's "mouthfeel.") The popovers bake at a high temperature and the recipe starts with melting the margarine in a muffin tin, so the Soy Garden variety smokes a bit, too, but not nearly as much as the Soy Free variety. The brownie recipe I made begins with melting margarine and baking chocolate over low heat on the stove. Even at a low temperature, the soy-free margarine smoked up the house. I couldn't taste the smoke in either recipe, though.


See the popovers through the smoke?

BUT! It is soy free! And dairy free! And tastes good! And would probably do just fine in muffins or a casserole! And it tastes very, very good spread on bread.

This is a third party review by Sarah Hatfield of No Whey Mama. For more information on this product, see the Earth Balance Website.

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