Chocolate Emporium Truffles


Did someone say dairy-free, kosher truffles? Oh yes, and what an amazing selection Chocolate Emporium has.

With a beautiful box waiting, I called over a friend, gathered my husband, opened a bottle of red wine, and the taste-testing ensued.

Chocolate Emporium Truffles

Chocolate Truffle

The box I received had a handful of this flavor, providing a solid baseline of flavor and texture for the remaining truffles (and allowing us each to sample a full one ourselves!). Each of these perfectly-sized truffles had a thick smooth chocolate exterior that was dark, but not an intense dark by any means. A touch of bittersweet / semi-sweet flavor nicely complimented the extremely smooth shell. The interior ganache was soft and forgiving, but quite thick. I enjoyed the rich consistency as it melted on my tongue like a deep, dark chocolate ice cream. Chocoholics will not be disappointed with this rich double-dose of the good stuff. I loved it; but the best part … one was enough!

Raspberry Truffle

Another amazingly delicious, fruit-inspired truffle, but this one was definitely more fruity than the black forest truffle. The thick chocolate ganache filling was enhanced with a bright raspberry flavor. It was one of the sweeter truffles in the bunch, yet equally delish.

Chocolate Emporium Truffles

Black Forest Truffle

Positively scrumptious! This truffle was light and dainty, yet just rich enough to call wonderfully indulgent. The solid chocolate ganache filling was spiked gently with a deep black cherry flavor that didn’t overpower in any way. Sometimes companies go a little overboard with the fruit, but this was truly perfection. This could, quite possibly, be one of my all time favorite dairy-free truffles.

Rum Truffle

My husband’s first words were, “Mmm, boozy!” He later admitted that it was mellower than most rum truffles though … we both loved it.

Champagne Truffle

Though I have nothing against the bubbly, I do love that Chocolate Emporium’s truffles aren’t loaded with alcohol, and this truffle was no exception. The flavor was had a nice bouquet, but it didn’t overpower the chocolate itself, nor did it leave me with a buzz!  (pictured below with the champagne colored sprinkles)

Irish Cream Truffle

I was seriously excited about this flavor! It isn’t often that dairy-free-ers get to enjoy anything labeled Irish cream … needless to say, I didn’t share. It was delicious. But you will have to taste this one for yourself.  (pictured below with the green and white squiggles)

Mocha Truffle

Since I’m not a coffee fan, I left this one up to the other tasters, and they both declared it a hit. Of course, since there was only one truffle, there was a wee bit of a friendly scuffle over the coffee bean on top! (pictured below with the bean on top)

Chocolate Emporium Mocha, Irish Cream, and Champagne Truffles

Coconut Dainty

Like an Almond Joy without the nuts … or perhaps a Mounds bar made with dark chocolate … this chocolate shell filled with a sweet and delightful coconut filling was certainly true to name. Since both my husband and I love the coconut and chocolate blend in general, this one was a huge hit.

Raisin Cluster

Talk about a mini-mountain of chocolate! This raisin-spiked boulder was actually more delicate than those mass-marketed Raisinets. The pleasant dark chocolate and plum raisins definitely earned it a place in this truffle box.

Chocolate Emporium Mocha, Irish Cream, and Champagne Truffles

Strawberry Jelly Truffle

I am not usually a fruit-filled chocolate kind of girl, but I absolutely loved this confection. The smooth and deep dark chocolate surroundings melded beautifully with the perfectly sweetened jam-like strawberry filling to create the ideal marriage. I also liked that the filling wasn’t too liquidy. I was able to eat it in two bites without making a complete mess.

Chocolate Emporium Truffles

Coconut Haystack

A big mound of coconut and wonderful dark chocolate, how can you go wrong?


Since my friend isn’t dairy-free, I asked her final verdict on the chocolate and any differences she may have noticed versus her favorite brand of chocolates. The only difference she identified was that the chocolate had a bit more of a cocoa taste than the one she is used to.

Aside from this, we each declared the entire box a hit. There wasn’t a single flavor we disliked in the entire batch. Now that is a first!


This is a third party review by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook. For more information on these products and to purchase, see the Chocolate Emporium Website.


Chocolate Emporium Truffles

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