Endangered Species Organic Dark Chocolate Bars – Tangerine and w/ Blueberries


Review by Sarah Caron of Sugar Savvy.  Reprinted with permissions of the Well Fed Network.

Since taking over at the helm of Sugar Savvy, I have been introducing myself to all sorts of chocolates from the grocery story checkout variety to the finer items available. One brand I happened upon at Target recently was Endangered Species. Although I had noticed it before, I hadn’t given a thought to trying it until it was for the purposes of SS. So, I picked up two bars – an Organic Dark Chocolate with Organic Blueberries and an Organic Dark Chocolate with Tangerine.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I removed the wrapper from the bar with blueberries. Just because something is organic doesn’t mean it’s quality. This could be poorly processed chocolate that just happens to come from an organic source. Or it could be genuinely good. There is always a gamble with these sorts of things. The chocolate comes in three squares (I wish it was four – it would make eating one serving a lot easier, since a serving is half a bar).

The Endangered Species Organic Dark Chocolate with Organic Blueberries was good. The chocolate was just rich and sweet enough, without it becoming a tooth ache. But overall, it failed to wow me. I didn’t really detect any hints of blueberries in it, which was disappointing.

The Endangered Species Organic Dark Chocolate with Tangerine, on the other hand, was a wow. The flavors of tangerine and dark chocolate complimented each other in an exciting way. It was sort of the party in the mouth sensation. Though I had only planned to eat half of the bar with my lunch (saving the other half for the next day), I couldn’t help but slowly eat the whole thing. It was that good.

Endangered Species has a variety of other dark chocolates that you can check out here. For locations of where you can find Endangered Species, click here.

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