Gin Gins Boost


Gin Gin BoostAfter sampling Gin Gins candy from The Ginger People, I couldn’t wait to trial their new Gin Gins Boost candies.  Stepping it up another potent notch, these little treats boast 30% fresh ginger.  Honestly, they had me at the packaging.  The cute little boxes reminded me of candy I would get at the corner store as a kid, after cashing in our bottles and cans for some recycling coin.  So cute, perfectly sized, and filled with a veritable treasure of sugar!  However, in this case, it wasn’t just sugar I was after, but also a good dose of that potent and delicious spice.

Like the traditional Gin Gins, they were individually wrapped neat little button candies.  However, the Boost candies differed in a few aspects.  Obviously the higher ginger content and packaging I have mentioned thus far, but also, the Boost varieties had more of a caramel color, rather than the transparent honey shade of the traditional.  It seems the caramel look was a fair predictor of things to come.  While I could have easily savored this little candy, like the Tootsie Pop owl I just couldn’t resist biting in to release any ginger within.  Yet to my surprise, my teeth were not met with a crunch, but rather a forgiving chew.  While it was a hard chew, easy for savoring, it wasn’t the least bit tough on my teeth.

At first, I was a bit disappointed, thinking, they should up the ginger to 50% … but then the warm spice emerged with a gentle but potent kick.  My taste buds were excited and soothed all at the same time.  While I was a former butterscotch candy fan, I think this new candy may be my “grown-up” treat of choice!

Gin Gin Boost

I especially liked the purse-size packaging, in fact, you could even stash a couple of individual candies in your pocket when on the go.  These will certainly be an award-winning treat among adults and little ones who ever suffer with nausea or motion sickness.  So portable, handy, and tasty, I don’t think I will ever take another car trip without a stash of Gin Gins Boost! …. Well, unless of course I already have a chilled Soother on hand.

My Extra Notes & Tips:

  • Oh my, only $.75 per pack?  Time to stock up!  I love a good deal.
  • Ingredients: Cane sugar, glucose, ginger (30%), modified cassava starch, non-hydrogenated palm kernel oil (trans fat free), salt, soy lecithin. Each pack contains 1.1oz (12 individually wrapped candies).
  • Keep an eye on the Ginger People website, they frequently have sales and specials.

Where to Purchase: Ginger People products are sold at Cost Plus, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes (I haven’t spotted the Gin Gins in my local Trader Joe’s yet, but I have seen their chews there).  If you have trouble finding Gin Gins Boost, just order them online, direct from The Ginger People. Other Ginger People products are available via Amazon at a discount, so the Gin Gins may join that line up soon.

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