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After stumbling across the unique and intriguing flavors of the Grocer’s Daughter truffles, I became ever so grateful to discover that they had just begun a vegan line.  In fact, we had the pleasure of trialling their first two dairy-free creations, the Apricot Truffle and the Almond Truffle.  Both are wrapped in an intense dark chocolate robe, though this is where the similarities end.

Dairy-Free Dark Chocolate Bonbons

The Apricot Truffle: I had never found a fruit inspired truffle that I liked, until I discovered the Grocer’s Daughter.  Mere words cannot describe this out of body indulgence.  The deep apricot center is smoothed with the perfect blend of organic sugar, chocolate, and just a hint of chardonnay (not the typical booze overload used by many chocolatiers).  The flavor perfectly compliments its dark chocolate surroundings.  The texture is very creamy with just a touch of a jelly feel from the fruit.  The grown-up elegance of this rich chocolate is nothing short of divine.

  • The Ingredients: Chocolate (cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar), Apricot, Organic Sugar, Organic Chardonnay, Pectin, Organic Lemon Juice  (reportedly they have also added soy lecithin to the ingredients)

The Almond Truffle:  When I heard the name of this chocolate, I expected to meet with a nut butter or marzipan-like filling.  To my pleasant surprise, it was a pure chocolate experience.  In this truffle, almond butter (with tidbits of almonds) is blended with smooth dark chocolate to create a more fudge-like center with just a hint of sweet almond flavor.  Rich and intense, just one truffle tamed my afternoon chocolate craving.  Strict vegans should take note that this truffle does contain a touch of honey.

  • The Ingredients: Chocolate (cacao, cacao butter, sugar), Almond Butter, Honey  (reportedly they have also added soy lecithin to the ingredients)
  • The Facts: The truffles are handcrafted, each with their own unique design.  The apricot truffle is strictly vegan (the almond one contains honey) and both are very gift-worthy.  The Grocer’s Daughter uses Rainforest Alliance chocolate.
  • The Price: From $1.63 to $2.25 per truffle, dependent upon the quantity purchased
  • Where to Buy:  I wish these were as widely available as See’s Candies, but at least thanks to the Internet and fast shipping, the Grocer’s Daughter is able to ship to customers in the U.S., Canada, and Northern Europe.  For those who are lucky enough to live in Michigan, you can find chocolates from the Grocer’s Daughter at these locations.
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