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Lagusta dazzled me with her Fruity Box, so I decided to step it up a notch with the Wild Box.  With bold names like Wasabi, Sea Salt, Cinnamon-Cardamom and Ginger, I must admit feeling a bit adventurous selecting this aptly named package of truffles.  But…would these chocolates live up to their "luscious" brand, or would my wild side be tamed by yet another chocolatier attempting uniquiness in vein?  As usual, there was only one way to find out.  Oh the torture…chocolate truffle sampling!  Somehow, I am not sensing the slightest bit of pity.

Wild Box


Perhaps it was the red candy cup that held the Cinnamon-Cardamom Truffle that caught my eye.  Possibly it was the allure of the spices themselves, my beloved cinnamon and cardamom, a spice that I would seldom purchase due to its luxurious price.  Whatever the reason, this was the truffle I chose for my first day’s trial.  Yes, I said day.  Lagusta’s truffles are rich and luxurious, not words you usually hear in the same sentence as vegan.  More than one per day would dissipate the pure indulgence of these sizable treats in my opinion. 

As I took my first bite, I immediately noted the complexity of this flavor.  It was not off-putting in the slightest, yet it took me a moment to decide how I felt about this flavor combination.  Bits of freshly ground spices crunched between my teeth on occasion for an interesting twist, and confirmation that these truffles really are pure in every way possible.  The scent revealed only the faintest scent of cardamom atop a layer of warm cinnamon.  My taste buds began to melt into this unique flavor as it promoted a warming spice that merged and yet clashed with the smooth chocolate for a mix of calm and excitement all in one.  I savored each bite slowly to maximize the contrast.  For those who are not big bittersweet fans, the Cinnamon-Cardamom Truffle seemed to be highlighted with more semi-sweet pleasure than your average dark truffle. 


I love sushi, so naturally, wasabi is my friend.  However, unlike my husband, I have my limits.  I can only handle its sinus clearing powers in small doses, and was not sure what to expect from chocolate infused with this Japanese horseradish. 

Wasabi Truffle

The first taste relieved my fears of potent heat.  To be honest, if I had to guess the flavor, I wouldn’t have had a clue.  The truffle was not hot, spicy, or powerful as we would think of wasabi, the condiment.  Rather it seemed to influence and enhance the deepest chocolate roots of this flavor.  Dark chocolate lovers should take note; this is an extremely deep, smooth, and buttery, chocolate.  In fact, it had that pure chocolate essence without the chalky, sharp flavor of cocoa.  When I truly savored each nibble of the Wasabi Truffle, I did detect a note of wasabi flavor specifically, but still sans heat, just a touch of warmth.

Sea Salt TruffleSea Salt 

Quite certainly the most intriguing truffle flavor I have ever come across, I was both excited and fearful of the sharp contrast I was anticipating.  To my incredible shock (note: two levels above surprise) this was the BEST truffle I have ever experienced.  Unbelievable.  I only wish I could put this remarkably unique concoction into words.  

The flavor is warm, and oddly enough I wouldn’t describe it as salty.  It is as if the rich, buttery chocolate center has enrobed the salt with a powerful dessert-like elegance, allowing only the very essence of the sea salt to emerge.  The occasional burst of what could be considered sea salt hit my tongue, but they were quickly combated with a delicious assault of rich, almost milky dark chocolate.  It is only when I bite into the decorative chunk atop the truffle that my taste buds scream, salt!  This truffle is easily addictive in both a sweet and savory way.  If I could have only one Lagusta Truffle again, I would choose the Sea Salt flavor, as I don’t think I could find this flavor experience anywhere else! 


My palate may be well trained by the folks at The Ginger People, or maybe my expectations after the Sea Salt truffle were just calling for some intensity.  I found the Ginger Truffle to be pleasant, but it didn’t wow me with the potency of ginger and chocolate that I adore.  To offer some perspective, I am frequently caught with a pile of crystallized ginger and semi-sweet chocolate chips on my desk, a favorite afternoon treat.  I eat all of the pickled ginger off of my husband’s sushi plate.  I love ginger in every way, shape, form, and power. 

Perhaps this truffle was intended to contain a gentle ginger influence rather than a contrasting burst.  A touch of warmth and spice emulated from the smooth “milk” chocolatey center, while a light tingling of ginger was left on my tongue as an aftertaste.  Overall an excellent truffle, yet as I bit into the tiny bit of crystallized ginger nested atop, I longed for more.  I would recommend this selection highly for those who enjoy the subtleties and essence of this spice, rather than a ginger smack in the face (my personal choice).

Ginger Truffle

Whatever your flavor preference, trust me, Lagusta is the unofficial goddess of vegan chocolate!

My Extra Notes & Tips:

  • Ingredients: Lagusta’s truffles are rich with organic coconut milk, organic coconut butter, and organic fair trade chocolate from Scharffenberger. 
  • These are amazingly affordable, definitely a top quality/value pick.  The catch, you must order them in advance.  Lagusta produces these exquisite truffles for the shear joy of it, and only once per month, aside from the three months of summer heat. 
  • As mentioned in my Fruity Box review, do not hesitate to serve these truffles to your dairy-consuming friends.  Even the finest truffle connoisseurs would be hard pressed to identify these as vegan. 
  • The truffles themselves are definitely gift worthy, though they do tend to shift quite a bit in shipment, and may not have that picture-perfect appearance on arrival.  However, not a truffle was chipped, dented or broken of any we received. 

Purchasing Information:  Lagusta and Jacob now produce their truffles weekly due to ever-increasing demand. Why so popular you ask?  Well, not only do they taste seriously incredible, these truffles are also a satisfying size, and cost only $15 per box of 8 ($45 for an assorted box of 28)!  My last few truffle-seeking adventures yielded dwarfed versions for $2 to $4 a piece.  Head to the Lagusta’s Luscious website to order some truffles and check out their vegetarian meal home delivery service for NYC and upstate NY. 

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