Premium Chocolatiers Milkless and Premium Dark Chocolate Bars


Perhaps you have heard me rave about this chocolatier a time or two. As one of the pioneers in dairy-free truffles (filled with “milk,” white, and dark chocolate goodness), it comes as no surprise that Premium Chocolatiers gets some serious mentions on this website.

But now, for those who just aren’t in the truffle mood, they have some “simplified” selections for dairy-free chocolate lovers … pure and simple Milkless “milk” chocolate bars and Dark chocolate bars.

Milkless and Premium Dark Dairy-free Chocolate Bars

Each bar weighs in at 50 grams (just under 2 ounces), and is perfectly sectioned into bite-sized indulgences. They are also made in a dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free, and gluten-free facility! But of course, give the manufacturer a quick call to verify should severe allergies be a concern for you or a loved one.

As for the taste, here are my notes …


The flavor was very familiar to me, since I had sampled some of their seasonal chocolate shapes, which are always available in both “milk” and dark varieties. It was quite sweet, slightly milky, gently chocolaty, and fairly smooth. I always enjoy the bursts of cocoa buttery goodness I get from the Premium line.

Interestingly enough, I really noticed the strong essence of vanilla in this bar and though it did have that classic cocoa backdrop, it reminded me immensely of white chocolate … my very first chocolate love. To verify, I parted with some squares of the Milkless bar, allowing my husband to sample them. He concurred that the bar definitely had more of a white chocolate taste than pure milk chocolate. Since he has converted fully to dark chocolate, this bar was a bit too sweet for him, but my taste buds enjoyed the switch and the walk down memory lane.

Now, if only they could make a soy-free version too!


Premium’s dark bar was even smoother than the milk version with a mellower, butterier taste than you typically find in dark chocolate bars. It had a relaxed chocolate taste without any bitter notes, yet it wasn’t too sweet either. This is an excellent bar for those of us who like the underlying richness of cocoa butter, and for kids and adults who may be timid around the bittersweet flavors of many brands of dark chocolate.

This is a third party review by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook.  For more information and to purchase these chocolates, see Premium Chocolatier's Website.

Milkless and Premium Dark Dairy-free Chocolate Bars

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