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Hannah Kaminsky, Bittersweet Blog & My Sweet Vegan – Times of merriment and gluttony are already becoming a distant memory- The side dishes devoured, gingerbread house picked clean; all that remains are those dirty dishes, and perhaps a bit of extra “holiday cheer” around the hips. After so much excess and that New Year’s resolution still fresh in your mind, I do feel a bit guilty tempting you with additional sweets… And yet here I am, with a product review for you of nothing less decadent than some fancy chocolate. But wait, don’t go! This one is different from your run of the mill candy bar, and could even satisfy the need to cut back after that extra helping of Christmas cake.

Packaged in diminutive little tins, Sweet Riot provides that little chocolate hit right when the craving strikes, but in a respectable portion. Easy to fit into a purse or pocket, they’re the best thing since sliced bread- Or at least since breath mints. Plus, once all of the sweet morsels inside are long gone, you can find many cute and creative ideas on how to recycle the tin on their website.

I had the pleasure of sampling Flavor 65, meaning 65% dark chocolate surrounding roasted cacao nibs. Pouring out the shiny pebbles onto the table, I thought for sure that those insignificant brown specks wouldn’t last ten minutes for lack of substance. Boy, was I ever wrong. Intensely chocolate-tasting with a fruity touch of sweetness, followed by hint of bitterness and then that insatiable crunch when you get to the center of the nugget, these things were just packed with flavor and toothsome texture. Just the right balance of cocoa and sugar, crunchy and creamy, I don’t think anyone would be able to find fault in this formula.

The only downside is the high price, but since you really do get what you pay for in terms of quality cacao, it’s just another incentive to make those sweet treats last a bit longer.

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