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I have been a lover of all things ginger for quite some time now.  I devour the pickled ginger from my husband’s sushi plate; I sneak crushed ginger into our stir fries; I crave the warmth of gingerbread in winter months; and one of my favorite snacks is crystallized ginger with chocolate.  But, I had never really questioned the source of my ginger, after all, it was a simple rhizome, not much could be done to it.

In fact, I debated even writing a review on such a simple food … yet, when I discovered this crystallized ginger from The Ginger People, it became quite clear that this simple treat can in fact be quite complex.  In the past I purchased crystallized ginger in bulk or from Trader Joe’s, but WOW!  This is real ginger.  The pure sugar crystals seem to barely touch the extremely soft and yet almost crisp-tender chunks of ginger.

Ginger Tollhouse CookiesWhile it does work perfectly well in baking, such as these Ginger Tollhouse Cookies, this is really a treat that can be savored alone (or with some chocolate of course!).  The second the sweetness melts; it gives way to a super-potent ginger fire.  This is the stuff!  As long as I have a snack pack of this delicious indulgence on hand, nausea doesn’t stand a chance.  If you are a ginger fan, consider upgrading to The Ginger People.

Where to Purchase:  All of The Ginger People’s products are available to purchase in stores or direct online for U.S. customers.  Alas, they are not available internationally (via the web) as of yet, but hopefully in the future.  Outside of the U.S. they can be found in select natural food stores in Canada, the UK, and Japan.  They can also be ordered via Amazon.

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