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I am a professed cookie-holic.  Given the choice of cake, pie, or cookies, the choice would always be obvious for me.  Nonetheless, I am quite picky about the texture of my cookie.  Too cakey is a bore. Too dry, well lets just say shortbread is not high on my hit list.  Each morsel must be tender, soft and chewy.  That being said, Enjoy Life Cookies possessed a texture that I absolutely adored.  Not a melt-in your-mouth chocolate chip cookie kind of experience, rather, these cookies had a sweet and hearty flavor that hinted at a snack instead of an indulgent dessert. This was a dangerous thing to say the least, as I found myself throwing back three or four with no remorse.  Nonetheless, they were definitely a cookie, with that sweet taste, and the texture that I long for.

Chewy Chocolate Chip

Housed in their own neat and tidy tray, the packaging for these cookies was obviously well planned.  The smell emanating from the package the second I opened the box was pure chocolate chip cookie delight.  Upon first bite, I was welcomed by the true soft and chewy nature of these cookies (more soft than chewy).  The size was petite, yet somewhat tall and puffy to compensate.  The chocolate chips were tiny but tasty little bursts.  When I spotted the “25% more chocolate chips” claim on the package, I was grateful.  While I didn’t feel slighted by the amount, any less would not have been sufficient.

Enjoy Life Cookies

Though distinctively different from your ordinary tollhouse variety, Enjoy Life’s cookies are quite tasty.  A strange, almost licorice-like aftertaste was the only thing that I found slightly off-putting.  Yet, it certainly didn’t prevent me from carrying on with another cookie. Before sneaking a peek at the ingredients, I guessed that they contained maple syrup or some other fluid sweetener, but I was quite wrong.  Fruit juice concentrates, evaporated cane juice, and dates contributed to the cookie-like sweetness. 

Enjoy Life Cookies


Now, I would be lying if I said the date flavor was totally un-noticeable.  After all, I don’t want a super-date taster coming after me, and it may have contributed to that “off” taste I noted. But, overall, the flavor really did work with these cookies, and the dates were far less obvious than in a Larabar or Clif Nectar bar, for example.  These were REAL cookies.  


Alas, the Snickerdoodles did not meet with such a wonderful packaging fate.  Lodged in a plastic enclosure that allowed the cookies to commingle, several of the cookies smooshed tightly together.  Looking on the positive side, I took this as a sign of their soft and chewy nature.  As luck would have it, my optimism was rewarded. Each cookie pulled apart with an almost bread-like appearance, which I found that much more alluring.  The texture was seriously soft and chewy, up a notch from the chocolate chip variety.

In terms of taste, I could definitely taste the snickerdoodle vibe, but these almost seemed better!  I have never been a big fan of the cream of tartar like taste/texture that most snickerdoodles seem to have.  The Enjoy Life version was more like a Snickerdoodle crossed with a soft and chewy sugar cookie.  A good jolt of cinnamon and sugar coated each cookie in entirety, a big plus for this sugar and spice fan. 

Enjoy Life Cookies

The alternative flours offered a heartier taste and texture to this Enjoy Life Cookie, which I quite enjoyed.  While the dates were actually more prevalent in this cookie, they seemed to meld better for a very uniform flavor that possessed no oddities.  I could realistically develop a serious addiction to these little gems.  Those who like fluffy white cookies and dry shortbread should be warned, each delicious bite is all-nature, with a hearty flair to match. 

My Extra Notes & Tips:

  • All natural and vegan add to the “everybody-friendly” quality of these cookies.  Anyone short of a rice or chocolate allergy would likely be able to indulge in some Enjoy Life Cookies.
  • They were kind enough to note a serving size as two, rather than one to try to look “healthier.”  Nonetheless, the sugars and fat are relatively low, and the vegan nature means no cholesterol!
  • I trialed some crumbled atop my “ice cream.” While it wasn’t bad, the texture of these cookies does not seem to benefit from the chill.

Where to Buy:  Enjoy Life products are available in many natural food grocers throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Distribution has also begun in Dillon, Fry’s, King Soopers, Kroger, Smith’s and Wegmans stores.  See their website for a store locator or to purchase online. 

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