Nana’s Cookie Bars – Fudgy Wudgy


Nana's Fudgy WudgyIt’s a cookie, no it’s a brownie, no…its fudge?  Whatever it is, it tastes incredible.  This melt in your mouth cookie bar starts with a cake like texture, but quickly sinks into a rich, yet not overpowering, chocolate flavor.  The sweetness is perfect, somewhat akin to a brownie with a smooth semi-sweet chocolate flavor.  The texture is initially soft and chewy, as any good cookie bar should be.  Though it quickly lives up to its name as each bite evolves into an insanely fudgy taste and texture.  . 

Kids will easily love this mellow fudge flavor, while moms may have trouble stopping at just one.  Of course, it is the perfect size for lunch boxes.  Each Nana’s box comes with 20 individually wrapped cookie bars.  I know what you are thinking, “Another cookie?  My child certainly doesn’t need any more cookies.” Surprisingly, Nana’s are different.  Though you would never guess it from the taste, Nana uses no refined sugars, only fruit juice.  Trust me, I wouldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t stated in several places on the package.  My ingredient guess upon tasting was all purpose flour, white sugar, eggs, cocoa, vanilla, and margarine.  Well, I got the cocoa one right.  White flours and sugars don’t enter Nana’s kitchen, these cookie bars are all natural and made with whole grain flours.  Did I mention they are free of dairy and eggs too? 

Yes, I confess, this Nana delicacy does contain wheat.  The organic whole-wheat flour is a health bonus for some, but an issue for those with gluten intolerance and some autoimmune disorders.  For these individuals, Nana has many great solutions.  Including her gluten-free cookie bars. 

Nana's Fudgy Wudgy

My closing remarks:  Fudgy Wudgy was…an insanely delicious cookie!  Now that it has become past tense, I must head to the store for some more. 

Where to Purchase:  Nana's products are sold in stores throughout the U.S., most notaby in Whole Foods stores (now to include Wild Oats).  You can also order direct from Nana's Healthy Crowd website.

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