Sunland Peanut Better Organic Thai Ginger – Red Pepper Peanut Butter (DISCONTINUED)

Please Note: This brand was formerly known as just "Peanut Better" but it is now sold under the Sunland name, but with the same formulas.

 We absolutely loved this product for versatility in the kitchen.  I was the first one to break open this jar.  I needed a snack with some substance, but all I had in front of me was a bowl full of white rice left over from Chinese the night before.  Keep in mind, I am not a creative, “throw it together and lavish in the cheers of an award winning meal” kind of cook.  But, I noticed that their recommended recipes for this product often involved soy sauce and rice vinegar, which I just happened to have on hand!  I haphazardly (I was quite hungry at this point) added the Peanut Better, some Tamari, and rice vinegar to my rice and stirred it up.  I am not exaggerating when I say, it was the best rice I have ever had! 

I wanted to ensure that it wasn’t just the hunger talking.  So, later in the week I utilized the Thai Chile and Red Pepper Peanut Better to make a peanuty Chicken Pad Thai.  I needed only two other ingredients for the sauce, since the peanut butter was already loaded with garlic and spices.  I had the entire meal prepared in 15 minutes (an all-time record for me).  The verdict:  Two thumbs up, although not a word was spoken as we all shoveled it in.  Even our ginger heckler loved this meal.  A hit! 

This peanut butter is a bit too strong in flavor for snacking, but it is a must have in the kitchen for dinnertime short cuts and quick homemade salad dressings and marinades.  I can’t wait to try this in the cheese-less Thai Chicken, Garlic and Vegetable Pizza recipe Peanut Better has listed on their website.  The best part about this peanut butter, we still have most of the jar left!  A little goes a long ways with this bold mix, making the Thai Ginger and Red Pepper Peanut Better an excellent buy as well.

  • Pros: Excellent taste, Highly versatile; Ginger flavor is very subtle; Organic; Cost Effective; Kosher (OU) certified
  • Cons: Not a snacking Peanut Butter

Recommended For:

  • Kitchen Helper 
  • Gourmet Meals in Minutes
  • Creative Dips

Where to Buy:

  • Online –
  • Amazon – The new Peanut Better Deli Tubs are available via Amazon in all of the Savory Peanut Butter flavors.  Sold in six packs, they are being offered at more than a 25% discount from retail, and are eligible for free shipping.
  • In Stores – Natural food stores and major grocers nationwide; see their website for a store locator

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