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Doctor Kracker Snackers - A seedy whole grain cracker alternative for healthy snacking!

“Doctor Kracker Snacker Krackers,” just try and say that one five times fast.  Unlike the name, these wholesome snacks are actually quite simplistic.  Made with little more than a hearty blend of seeds, whole grains and flours it would be difficult to pass these off as your typical unhealthy cracker.  The good Doc reveals his obsessively organic side, allowing just sea salt and yeast to slip through the non-organic cracks.  If sea salt and yeast were actually available in organic versions, I am sure Dr. Kracker would send out a purchase order immediately.

Ready to take a peak at my first nutritious cracker, I opened an enormous box filled with generously packed tub-style containers of Snacker Krackers, in three different varieties.  I was immediately taken back by the obvious thickness of these morsels.  They were double the height of your average cracker, yet obviously denser than a basic crispbread.  It looked like a very unique product altogether.

Beyond the different colored labels, each variety appeared quite similar at first glance.  However, as I looked closer I noted that each was colored a slightly different shade of grain and sported its own special seedy topping.

Seeded Spelt (no longer offered as snackers, only flatbread)

With an “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo” I opened the Seeded Spelt Krackers first.  The tops were dotted with sesame and sunflower seeds, while flaxseeds appeared embedded within.  With my first bite I received all that I expected and more.  Thick, dense, and now I must add insanely crunchy to the descriptive line up.  These crackers take crispy to a whole new level, making that audible “crunch” with every tasty bite.

Dr. Kracker Seeded Spelt

The spelt lent a difficult to describe flavor that is just slightly soured from the sweetness of wheat.  Any spelt connoisseur will likely have many better adjectives to describe the flavor, but you will just have to trust me that it tasted good.  Those who are used to trans fat loaded crackers made with all-purpose flour and sugar may find these crackers a bit heavy.  I am a lover of all things grainy and full of natural flavors, so these were excellent in my book.

The sunflower and sesame seeds added to the ‘stand-alone’ power of this cracker.  However, I confess that I did enjoy it topped with Sheese (both creamy and hard “cheeses”), and I believe this cracker could even handle a sweeter dip very nicely.
Klassic 3 Seed

Doctor Kracker Snackers - A seedy whole grain cracker alternative for healthy snacking!

For a flour comparison, I went for the wheat-based selection next.  Like the Seeded Spelt, the Klassic 3 Seed was dotted with sunflower and sesame seeds.  Though it also had several bonus flaxseeds that graced the tops.

Dr. Kracker Klassic 3 Seed

Once again, the crunch was exciting and undeniable.  The milder taste of whole wheat and oats was a slight contrast to the more sharply flavored spelt crackers.  Consequently, this was the most versatile of the three Kracker varieties.  For munching alone, the crackers were good, but lacked the added grain flavor that I liked in the Spelt.  However, they were just neutral enough to suit virtually any dip or topping.  If I were expecting guests who had a penchant for healthy food, and no dentures, these would surely be on the table.

Doctor Kracker Snackers - A seedy whole grain cracker alternative for healthy snacking!

Though the Klassic 3 Seed lacked the zest that I felt was required of a ‘stand alone’ cracker, I found myself subconsciously munching one after the other.  Perhaps the very neutrality that tasted good, but didn’t wow me, was in fact addictive!

Hannah found that these were very similar to the Seedlander, but unlike the Seedlander all of the flavors were able to shine as the flax isn’t as overpowering as the poppyseeds.


Doctor Kracker Snackers - A seedy whole grain cracker alternative for healthy snacking!

This variety was obviously a bit unique from the others.  While the Klassic 3 Seed and the Seeded Spelt maintained a nice tan, the Seedlander Krackers are deepened with an added dose of whole grain spelt flour.  They also have their own special topping.  Each cracker is freckled with a generous dose of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and the occasional pumpkin seed.

Dr. Kracker Seedlander

For myself, these were the hands down winner.  Why?  I wasn’t sure at first.  Though beyond hearty, they were relatively neutral, no overly bitter or sharp notes.  Ah yes … they are a bit sweeter!  It figures doesn’t it?  The one with that added bit of sugar always wins.  Luckily, they use organic agave syrup, and with a light hand.  Each serving contains just 2g of sugar, compared to the honorable 0g per serving in the other two flavors.

The poppy and sesame seeds supported the blend nicely, though from a flavor perspective, the pumpkin seeds seemed a bit unnecessary.  However, they don’t seem to take away from the taste, and who couldn’t use some extra Omega’3’s?

The Seedlanders may be able to operate as a dip medium, but in my opinion they are the most ideally suited as a ‘Snacker Kracker.’Doctor Kracker Snackers - A seedy whole grain cracker alternative for healthy snacking!

Hannah also gave these a try and found that the thick slices of dense crisp bread possess a hearty taste similar to rye bread, but coupled with all of the toppings, they are elevated to a whole new level.  Also that the poppy seeds seemed to dominate the flavor profile, but each individual element was far from forgotten.  Even those that didn’t share the spotlight contributed amazing texture, bringing added dimension to each bite.  All of these hearty subjects did amount to a serious test of my teeth and jaws at times though. These crackers were so solid that I might not recommend them for the weak of dentistry.

Doctor Kracker Snackers - A seedy whole grain cracker alternative for healthy snacking!

Lucky me!  I also received a package of the Seedlander in Doctor Kracker’s flatbread style as well.  Aside from the obvious bonuses of a giant cracker, these are beautifully packaged for any gift basket.  I really liked the design and quality of them, and noted that not a single flatbread displayed a chip, even after being shipped halfway across the country.

Kracker Flats

My Extra Notes & Tips:

  • These crackers do receive my healthy vote.  I like that they are low in sugar, with a good dose of protein (5g) and fiber (4g) per serving.  Of course, the fair amount of sodium means one or two servings should suffice if eaten daily.
  • I like the packaging.  It is excellent for taking along to parties, and if the atmosphere is quite casual, the plastic containers act as their own bowls.  Plus, the lids are easy to pop on and off.

Where to Purchase: Doctor Kracker Snacker Krackers are available in stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Visit the Dr. Kracker website for a U.S. store locator.  They are also available online, via Amazon.

The Facts on Doctor Kracker Snackers

Certifications: Doctor Kracker Snackers are Certified Organic and Non-GMO Verified.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, Doctor Kracker Snackers are dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, nut-free, peanut-free, soy-free, vegan / plant-based, vegetarian. Nonetheless, always read the ingredient statement and check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. Processes and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company / product.

For More Product Information: Visit the Dr. Kracker website at

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