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It felt like Christmas when the box of neatly arranged Ginger People foods showed up on my doorstep.  The sauces / marinades came in beautiful bottles, with brightly decorated, yet simplistic labels.  Bags of colorful ginger treats were carefully stacked one atop the other.  What was even more special…my husband hates ginger, at least in its pure and candy-like forms.  I could likely use the marinades in cooking for both of us, but these sweets were all mine!  Ginger is one of those love-hate foods.  I happen to be a ginger fanatic…grated, pickled, crystallized…you name it.  But biased aside…

I immediately knew what my first trial would be when I laid eyes upon the three shiny, resealable pouches, each labeled as “Ginger Chews.”  Color coordinated by flavor (green-original, red-spicy apple, blue-peanut), the bags had the most amusing artwork on the front.  I was immediately intrigued.  Needless to say, I eagerly opened each of the three pouches for my first sampling of The Ginger People:


To start with a good base, I chose the original ginger chew for my first taste test.  I bit in expecting more of a gummy like texture, but this treat lived up to its name.  Chew is right!  This was no softy.  To save my teeth, I opted to savor the chew like a hard candy.  

Ginger Chews

A delightful sweet flavor was the first thing that hit my taste buds, and then… WOW… a sudden ginger burst took hold.  Soon I had the alternating enjoyment of sweet candy goodness and dehydrated ginger punch.  Though the flavors don’t necessarily meld together, they create a back and forth contrast, which is rather exciting and delicious.  Ginger-phobes be warned, they really turned up the heat on this flavor.


I timidly bit in, with chewy anticipation, but the Peanut flavor was much softer than the original ginger chew and fairly easy to tear into.  I liked this more relaxed texture, and was equally pleased with the taste. 

At first, the flavor reminded me ever so slightly of Chick-O-Sticks, or even of that Mary Jane Peanut Butter Taffy.  Then, as the lightly sweet peanut butter taste mellowed, the ginger heat began to emerge.  It was definitely a one flavor follows the other experience.  As I got further in, I noticed the bits of peanut throughout.  They added an interesting texture bonus.

Ginger Peanut Chews

I really enjoyed this fun flavor combination.  Though I enjoyed all three Ginger Chew varieties, this one is my current favorite.

Spicy Apple 

Just like Goldilocks, my third and final chew fell just in the middle of the other two: not too chewy, not too soft.  I took a bite of my first Apple Ginger Chew, and thought, “Spicy?”  Then, it hit.  Whoa!  Once the ginger set in, this one was more spice than sweet.  The apple and cinnamon flavor was very mild, and just seemed to coerce the overall vibe of the Chew. 

Ginger Apple Chews

As someone who likes my “chews” on the softer side, I chose to savor this one as well.  The heat definitely added some zing, and was an overall enjoyment.  However, I am still loyal to the Peanut Chew. 

Update:  Since my first tasting, I can’t seem to stay away from any of these little treats!  I sense a serious addiction beginning…

My Extra Notes and Tips:

  • The chews are individually packaged, making them great for lunchboxes, purses, car (sickness) treats, and desks.  I really liked them post meal, as a sugary finale, and to kick start digestion.
  • Each chew is generously sized, about the size of a large gummy cinnamon bear.
  • The ingredients are all natural and few, with ginger, sugar, maltose, potato starch, and vegetable oil acting as the anchor to each flavor. 
  • Just 20 calories each!  Does that mean I can eat 10?

Where to Purchase:  All of The Ginger People’s products are available to purchase in stores or direct online for U.S. customers.  Alas, they are not available internationally (via the web) as of yet, but hopefully in the future.  Outside of the U.S. they can be found in select natural food stores in Canada, the UK, and Japan.  They can also be ordered via Amazon.

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