Frugal Foodie: Chocolate Peppermint Oreo Crispy Treats (vegan version too!)


This spin on the classic rice crispy treat is a welcome addition to parties, Santa’s cookie plate, Christmas day snacks, or simply a rewarding little dessert after a long day of holiday shopping (this seems to be how ours are quickly disappearing!). Although, these Chocolate Peppermint Oreo Crispy Treats would be a hit all year round for just about any occasion!

Chocolate Peppermint Oreo Crispy Treats  - Dairy-Free Decadence

Since I made these crispy treats numerous times, I have included several variations and substitutes, from using Marshmallow Creme or Ricemellow Creme (to make them vegan), to subbing in dark chocolate and using coconut oil in place of the margarine. The main wild card I found was the amount of crispy rice cereal. So I recommend starting with 4 cups, and adding in more (up to 5 or 6 cups as needed) until the mixture is not too gooey, but not too loaded with add-ins either (which could make for crumbly treats). On average, I used 5 cups … but no matter how much cereal you add, these minty, chocolate treats are delicious!

These Chocolate Peppermint Oreo Crispy Treats have a lot going on, but every bit just works so well together to create a decadent, crunchy, and minty chocolate treat. I love the Peppermint (Candy Cane) Joe Joe’s from Trader Joes, but Oreo also has a minty counterpart (and these are available all year round!). Alternatively, you can stick with regular Oreo-type cookies too, and if you still like that minty taste, add some extract! I haven’t trialed the extract as of yet, but have included a general amount as a suggestion in the recipe.

These crispy treats are a breeze to whip up and can last in the freezer for quite some time. Such a simple and tasty treat!

Chocolate Peppermint Oreo Crispy Treats  - Dairy-Free DecadenceNote: The chocolate gives these a different texture than your traditional rice crispy treat. I like it this way, but if you want that gooey crispy treat texture with a chocolatey taste, skip the chocolate chips, but add in 2 to 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder (to taste) and/or use cocoa crispy rice cereal. Adjust cereal amount up if needed.

Special Diet Notes: Chocolate Peppermint Oreo Crispy Treats

By ingredients, this recipe is dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, nut-free, peanut-free, and soy-free. Optionally vegan and vegetarian.

For gluten-free: Erewhon offers gluten-free crispy brown rice cereal, and I believe there are some other brands.  Kinnikinnick, Mi-Del, and Josef’s all offer gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookies.

Frugal Foodie: Chocolate Peppermint Oreo Crispy Treats (vegan version too!)
  • 14 to 15 peppermint-chocolate sandwich cookies (Candy Cane Joe Joe’s, Mint Oreos, etc.) or Regular Chocolate Sandwich Cookies + 1 to 1-1/2 Teaspoons Peppermint Extract (to taste)
  • 10 ounces chocolate chips or your favorite chocolate cut into chunks
  • ⅓ cup dairy-free margarine (I used Earth Balance Soy-Free) or ¼ cup coconut oil
  • 10 ounces marshmallows or Ricemellow Creme (for vegan), or a 7 to 7.5 ounce jar of Marshmallow Creme or Fluff
  • 4 to 5 cups crispy rice cereal (I used Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal)
  1. Gently crush the cookies. I placed them in a baggie, and firmly pressed down on each cookie to break them into chunks sized to my liking, without making a mess! Set aside.
  2. Melt the chocolate – I do this in a bowl in the microwave in about two 30 second intervals, stirring vigorously after each heating to get those last chips melted. Do not overcook your chocolate! Set aside.
  3. Place your margarine or coconut oil in a medium to large saucepan, and melt over low to medium-low heat (my stove doesn’t even function at low heat). Add the marshmallows or creme and continue to stir as they melt in. This will take about 5 minutes to get a nice smooth mixture. Stir in the chocolate until smooth.
  4. Add the crispy rice creal and sandwich cookies, stirring until thoroughly combined. I start with 4 cups, but ended up using the full 5 cups with the Ricemellow Creme and marshmallows.
  5. Press firmly into a greased baking dish. An 8 x 8 dish will make taller, full-sized crispy treats, while a 9 x 13 will make thinner, bite-sized crispy treats. Allow to cool before cutting into squares – I fridge (or freeze) them, especially when using the coconut oil, which makes for a firmer, crunchier, crispy treat and helps the chocolate to quickly set up.


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