Mountain Herbal Italian Ice (Discontinued)


Living on the sprawling west coast can have some advantages, and I confess that the vegan influences of the Pacific Northwest bring many wonderful natural food options.  But alas, there are just so darned many people on the East Coast.  It seems like most of the wonderful products keep popping up on the other side of the continent.  Some head west rather quickly, but for many, we must wait…and wait.

One such food that I have recently been admiring are the gelatos and ices.  Certainly common in the Northeast from the more prominent European influence.  I had already learned about Blackwell’s Vegan Organic Gelato (unfortunately also DISCONTINUED!), and now the Ices from Mountain Herbal are tempting me.  They infuse fruit and herbs for a more refreshing treat.  With my recent move to the dry and insanely hot Southwest, this sounds incredible to me right about now.  My envy is building.  As if the mere sound of it isn’t enough…they sent me pictures….agh, I’m dying…or melting as the case may be.  Luckily, the company does plan to head west very soon.  For now, that enormous population in the Northeast will be blessed with these wonderful options.

Check out a recent release they sent to me on their products (they forgot to mention that this stuff is vegan and very food-allergy friendly):

Mtn Herbal“What better way to celebrate Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or the joy of a gorgeous spring day than with a scoop of wonderful Alpine Ice…a refreshing, non-dairy frozen dessert treat that comes in six all-natural flavors.

Alpine Ice is the amazingly delightful alternative to ice cream, frozen yogurt and sugar-laden sorbets because it uses a base of tea, herbs, fruits and flowers.

Imagine the glorious golden goodness of Mango Passion. Or the pink perfection of Plum Lucky. Or the purple pleasure of Bolder Berry. Try the gentle elegance of Hibiscus Rose, or the sophisticated nuance of Green Tea Lemon Verbena or the pure surprise of Lavender Sunrise.

All six delicious flavors of Alpine Ice are between 45 and 76 calories per half-cup serving. Every flavor is all-natural, vegan, and free of the eight major food allergens. They are all low in sugar and a good source of dietary fiber. There is no fat, no cholesterol and very low sodium.

Alpine Ice ushers in a new era of “dessert freedom.” Dr. Barry Sears, author of The Zone, says that Alpine Ice “ushers in a new era of ‘guiltless pleasure.’ These are foods that you believe you should feel guilty about eating because they have such great taste, yet they are manufactured to deliver incredibly high levels of nutrients known to improve health and wellness. Life can’t get much better than that.”

The owners of Mountain Herbal Foods, LLC, the makers of Alpine Ice specifically created this dessert to be perfect for just about everyone. Alpine Ice is produced in Massachusetts, and is available in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Usher in spring with your own celebration of “dessert freedom” with Alpine Ice.”

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