Organics May Promote Food Allergies?


…Okay, who thought up this ridiculous concept?  It ranks right up there with "overly clean moms cause food allergies."  Yesterday I read the headline, "Organic food 'can add to allergies."  A professor of pediatrics in Britain made the news with his bold statements that our varied diets full of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables are a cause of the rise in food allergies. 

Of course, without a shred of evidence, he used the tired excuse of ‘food allergies began to appear when…’ Yes, some people have kiwi allergies, which may seem a rarity.  Yet, somehow I find it VERY hard to believe that kids eating less pesticides (as our fruits and veggies were produced decades ago) and having a varied diet with mangos and papayas is leading to a rise in food allergies.  Quite the opposite in fact!  Unnatural chemicals and products have a much more persuasive effect over the functioning of our immune system. 

Oddly enough, this news was posted just when I finished an article on ‘When to Buy Organic’ for Fit Fare.  If you decide to take your chances by eating a wide variety of delicious and nutrient dense produce, and keeping your pesticide exposure low, then you just may find my article helpful!

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