PB&J – It’s More Than a Sandwich


Alisa Fleming ~ Somehow last week Peanut Butter and Jelly came onto my radar numerous times.  A meal which I had taken advantage of so much in the past, and seemingly outgrown, has returned in full force to prove its current value.  It started innocently enough when Janelle at Brown Bag Blues sent an email requesting our favorite PB&J style sandwich.  Having given up the jelly and the whole closed sandwich a while back, my contribution was in fact open-faced (a.k.a. toast) with almond butter, cinnamon, and perhaps some honey.  Obviously a slice of bread could slide on top to complete the sandwich image, but it was still apparent that I had not yet grasped the full value of this meal.

My eyes were opened a bit to its true potential by one reader’s response of a Thai style PB sandwich.  Intriguing.

My next PB & J encounter happened the next day, as I was trialing some bread from Kinnikinnick.  The flavor was good, but the plain bread screamed for that sweet fruity taste that only jam could offer.  As it was lunch time, I decided to give in to Janelle’s coaxing and make the first PB&J I had tasted in years.  I must admit, it was excellent, and somehow comforting.

PB & J - Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

When I started to think about how truly open minded this sandwich was, it became more of a challenge to figure out who couldn’t enjoy this simplistic sandwich.  Of course, the nut allergic.  Yet, in my searches I discovered a couple of wonderful products that reportedly double quite well in a peanut allergy pinch.   Sunflower Butter and Soy Butter.  I spotted several reports from blogging moms of little smiles when these “butters” were served up.

Content with finding the “perfect food,” I was sure my jaunt down peanut butter memory lane had come to a close, and this magical meal couldn’t possibly perform anymore miracles.  It seemed like only minutes after this thought passed, before I received an email alerting me to the PB&J Campaign.  What?  Campaign?  It’s just a sandwich!

In light of the topic, I went to the link to discover a small website touting the PB&J as environmentally friendly and pro animal rights.  I must admit, their facts were quite interesting, and somehow the PB&J I ate yesterday held so much more meaning.

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