Where can I find Dairy-Free and Vegan Butterscotch Chips?


Butterscotch ChipsQ: Angie – I saw the recipe for butterscotch scones on your site, and am wondering, where can one find milk-free and vegan butterscotch chips? My allergic six year-old would love his first chocolate scotcheroo if I could figure this out!

A: Alisa – Most brands of butterscotch chips contain milk in various forms, so dairy-free ones can be tricky to find. But they do exist! Below is information on vegan butterscotch chip brands, plus notes and a homemade option.

Dairy-Free & Vegan Butterscotch Chip Brands


This is a kosher pareve brand of butterscotch chips, and they are reportedly quite tasty. Also, they have a very high heat tolerance, helping them to hold their shape rather than melting into the cookies. I suggest looking for them in the kosher section of grocery stores. They are also sold online via some kosher supermarkets.

King David

This brand of vegan butterscotch chips is supplied by Oppenheimer USA, which is is a leading distributor of kosher products. Like Lieber’s, they can be hard to locate and seem to waffle in and out of stock online. But according to the company, they are still available.

Chocolate Emporium

This is a dairy-free, kosher parve chocolatier that ships their chocolates throughout the United States. And their full chocolate chip line-up includes vegan butterscotch chips! To the best of my knowledge, these are not sold in other stores.


I was told previously that Food Club, Price Chopper, and Food Lion butterscotch chips were dairy free. However, some readers have since reported back that Price Chopper and Food Lion brands might now contain dairy. Unfortunately, I live nowhere near any of these stores, so I can’t double check. If you see a generic variety of butterscotch chips that is dairy free, please kindly share it in the comments. I live in the Western United States, and have yet to find a generic version of butterscotch chips.

Wise Words about Vegan Butterscotch Chips

  • Always check the ingredients prior to purchasing, as the ingredients and processes are subject to change at any time by the manufacturer. These brands may be dairy-free today, but it is possible that the company will add nonfat milk powder and/or whey to their butterscotch chips tomorrow.
  • If trace amounts of milk are a concern for you, contact the manufacturer to establish if their processes are safe for your needs.
  • Most brands of butterscotch chips, non-dairy or not, are made with hydrogenated oils.

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  1. I find that Liebers and King David butterscotch chips are very mildly flavored and mostly taste of sugar not butterscotch. Hoping that the Chocolate Emporium is able to deliver an authentic tasting butterscotch chip! Thanks for the advice!

  2. Hey, just wanted to let you know that Food Lion brand butterscotch chips are NOT dairy free, none of their chips of any flavor are dairy free. Not sure when that changed or when they were ever dairy free, I’ve lived in the south east 2 years and they haven’t been dairy free since I’ve been here.

  3. Alisa, thanks for the info! I live in the northeast and will be looking out for these items this week (I found a great recipe on AllYou.com for salted peanut butterscotch bars and really want to make them! LOL)!!

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