Table of Contents: Go Dairy Free the Guide and Cookbook

Go Dairy Free The Guide and Cookbook

Section 1: Understanding Dairy & Dairy-Free From a Health Perspective

Chapter 1: What is Dairy?
What Makes Milk So Special?
Organic Milk is it worth it?
What is Pasteurization & Homogenization?
What is Acidophilus Milk?
What is Kefir?
What is Lactose-Free Milk?
What is A2 Milk?
Are Other Mammal Milks the Same as Cow Milk?

Chapter 2: Why We Live Dairy-Free
Milk Allergies
Lactose Intolerance
The Vegan Diet
Weight Loss
General Health & Disease Prevention

Chapter 3: Strong Bones, Calcium & Beyond
Surprising Secrets to Strong Bones
How Much Calcium Do I Really Need?
Calcium-Rich Foods
How to Become Calcium Fortified
Choosing the Best Calcium Supplement

Chapter 4: Infant & Childhood Milk Allergies
Recognizing Infant Milk Allergies
Feeding Options
Infant Food Allergy Prevention

Chapter 5: Other Dairy-Free Concerns
Battling with Dairy Food Addiction
Milk Allergies & the Rotation Diet
Is Soy a Good Option?
When Gaining Weight is a Good Thing
Skincare, Supplements, and Medication

Section 2: Eating Away From Home

Chapter 6: Restaurant Dining
Ordering Off the Menu
Around the World in 80 Restaurants (Give or Take)
Fast Food

Chapter 7: Social Events & Travel
Dining with Friends and Family
On the Road
“Safe” Travel
Kids: Back to School & Celebrations

Section 3: Grocery Shopping & Preparing Your Kitchen

Chapter 8: Decoding Food Labels
Dairy-Free vs. Non-Dairy
The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA)
Utilizing Kosher Certification
Dairy Ingredient Lists
Where the Dairy Hides

Chapter 9: Shopping List Inspirations
Departments with Unlimited Potential
Cook’s Corner
Baker’s Delight
Snack Time!
Great Grains
Keep It Cool
Thirst Quenchers
Prepared Foods

Chapter 10: Alisa’s Random Grocery Tips

Chapter 11: The Well-Equipped Kitchen

Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook

Section 4: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Dairy Substitutes

Includes easy, from-scratch recipes!

Chapter 12: So Many “Milks,” So Little Time
How to Substitute Milk in Recipes
Almond Milk
Rice Milk
Oat Milk
Coconut Milk
Hemp Milk
Many More Milk Alternatives

Chapter 13: Moving Beyond Butter
When Butter isn’t Butter
Margarine or Vegetable Shortening
Cooking (and Baking) Oils
Fruit Purees
Coconut Butter & Oil-Based Spreads

Chapter 14: Cheesy Ideas
Store-Bought Dairy-Free “Cheese”
Homemade Dairy-Free “Cheese”

Chapter 15: Even More Dairy Alternatives
Milk, Powdered
Milk, Evaporated
Milk, Sweetened Condensed
Cream, Heavy
Cream, Light
Half & Half
Sour Cream

Chapter 16: Egg Substitutes

Section 5: Time to Eat! – Recipes & Recommendations

See the Recipe Index for more details!

Chapter 17: Quick Recipe Section Intro

Chapter 18: Breakfast to Brunch

Chapter 19: Baking Bread

Chapter 20: Sips & Smoothies

Chapter 21: Snacks & Apps

Chapter 22: Soup’s On

Chapter 23: Simple Sides & Salads

Chapter 24: Full Meal Deal

Chapter 25: Feelin’ Saucy

Chapter 26: Sweet Stuff

Section 6: More Recommended Resources

Chapter 27: Online Reading & Resources
Strictly Dairy-Free
Gluten-Free / Casein-Free
Multiple Food Allergies
More Websites Worth Mentioning
Online Shopping

Chapter 28: Offline Reading & Resources
Strictly Dairy-Free
Gluten-Free / Casein-Free
Food Allergy
More Cookbooks Worth Mentioning
Children’s Books
Health-Oriented Books


Metric Conversions & Equivalents

Additional References

Recipe / Food Allergy Index

General Index

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