Bareburger Keeps it Clean with their Half Vegan Menu


The founder of Bareburger, Euripides Pelekanos, knows that America loves their burgers, but we’re also becoming more conscientious about our food. So he’s created a healthier comfort food chain that sources sustainable ingredients, and goes above and beyond for special diet needs. Each location prints any allergy concerns right on your ticket, and they have recently updated their menu to be half vegan.

Bareburger has a 50/50 vegan menu with even more dairy-free options, and even many gluten-free and nut-free menu items.

Bareburger Keeps it Clean with their Half Vegan Menu

Here are some fun, helpful facts about the Bareburger chain of restaurants.

  • They serve both Beyond Meat and Impossible vegan burgers. According to Euripides, Impossible outsells Beyond Meat by a 3-to-1 ratio. But keep in mind that the Impossible burger contains GMOs.
  • Exotic meats were regulars on the Bareburger menu, but they’ve been squeezed out by the expanding vegan menu. However, they do bring the exotic meats back for cameo appearances from time to time.
  • Each Bareburger restaurant is a little unique because they use reclaimed and recycled materials in the designs.
  • They use Non GMO expeller-pressed canola oil for deep frying, not peanut oil. But their onion rings and fried chicken both contain dairy, so there might be potential milk cross-contamination issues with other deep-fried foods.
  • Their dairy-free cheese alternatives are made with with potato starch, sea salt, and coconut oil, and are also gluten-free and soy-free.
  • They have an Allergy Chart available in store (they no longer publish it online), and you can see vegan, gluten-free, and contains nuts labels right on their menu.
  • Bareburger makes it really easy with a dedicated Vegan Menu (dairy-free, egg-free, meat-free). And it is HUGE! Below are some highlights.

Bareburger has a 50/50 vegan menu with even more dairy-free options, and even many gluten-free and nut-free menu items.

Vegan Menu Options at Bareburger

  • Burgers – At last count they had EIGHT vegan burger menu items. It includes toppings like dairy-free cheese (more than one type), vegan egg, special sauces, and more.
  • Buns – Yes, they have dairy-free buns! It looks like their “vrioche” bun (we’re not sure if they have phased out their buttery brioche bun) is vegan, and so is their sprouted bun and collard wrap. The collard wrap is their gluten-free option.
  • Greens – Their vegan salad options include delights like dairy-free parmesan and tahini dressing.
  • Sandwiches & Dogs – If you aren’t in a burger mood, they’ve got you covered with vegan brats, melts, and more.
  • Fries – All of their French fries, including the sweet potato and waffle fries, are vegan. They also have crispy Brussels sprouts!
  • Sauces – In the vegan transition, they seem to have swapped their traditional mayo for vegan mayo. So their flavored mayos and aiolis now appear to be dairy-free and egg-free. They also have several other naturally vegan sauces and dressings. But their cheese sauces and ranch dressing are still made with dairy.
  • Cubby Meals – Yes, they have a vegan kids menu with very creative options.
  • Dessert – You won’t believe the vegan shakes and cakes they offer. The shakes are made from coconut ice cream, and the cakes include carrot and gluten-free chocolate.

Want More Dairy-Free Options? Strip Down Your Bareburger Order!

Many more Bareburger menu items can be enjoyed “just” dairy-free! If you’re dairy-free, but not strictly vegan, consider some of these tips.

  • Their burger patties are all reportedly dairy-free (verify in store!), so you can order any of them dairy-free with a vegan bun option and topping swaps as needed.
  • You can ask them to hold the cheese, or substitute one of their dairy-free cheeses for the dairy cheese.
  • Their grilled organic chicken breast is a potential dairy-free option for their sandwiches, but avoid their fried chicken which is bathed in buttermilk.

Bareburger has a 50/50 vegan menu with even more dairy-free options, and even many gluten-free and nut-free menu items.

Where to Find Bareburger

The have over 30 restaurants in the U.S. The highest concentration is in New York, but they also have locations in NJ, CT, DC, GA, and OH. See their website below for locations, hours, and online ordering.


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  1. I can see how it would be easy to miss in my writing, but it is restaurant “chain” – that’s great that there are some individual restaurants that serve both! I bet there are several vegan restaurants. That information is from an interview with the owner. But still edited.

  2. Just a little fact check; Bare Burger is NOT the only place that sells both the Beyond Burger and The Impossible Burger. You’ll find both of them at Marty’s V Burger plus the BYND Bratwurst and their own house brand of burger. I highly recommend checking them out.