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This little chain has quickly expanded throughout the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and it’s no surprise why! Burgatory is a hot spot for a burger, fries and shake. Not only do they serve hearty burgers and the creamiest shakes, they are also dedicated to using organic, all natural, and local (when possible) ingredients.

Burgatory in PA has heaps of delicious dairy-free options - even vegan shakes!

Burgatory offers many different types of burgers, but their most loved is the Custom Creation Burger. Who wouldn’t love to create the burger of their dreams? Customize your burger with your choice of burger, bun, sauces, the usual toppings, and some unique add-ons. For the burger, you have a choice of beef, chicken, bison, waygu, crab, elk, or a vegan veggie patty – which just goes to show how extensive Burgatory’s menu is! They also offer a gluten-free bun and a “naked” option for their burgers.

Burgatory also offers many dairy-free and vegan topping options for their burgers, including dairy-free cheese. But be sure to inquire at the location to find out which options are dairy-free. They do not have an allergen menu or ingredients list on their website, so we couldn’t confirm the buns, toppings, etc, to recommend specifically.

Burgatory in PA has heaps of delicious dairy-free options - even vegan shakes!

Us dairy-free folk don’t have to miss out on their milkshakes either! Although they do whip up dairy-based shakes, Burgatory also offers four different vegan shake varieties, including Strawberry, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate. Plus, they have flavor specials each week. Always finished with a generous swirl of dairy-free whipped cream, these make for a decadent sip.

Burgatory in PA has heaps of delicious dairy-free options - even vegan shakes!

If you’re not craving a burger, there are still delicious options for you! Tacos, wings, salads, sandwiches, or if you feel like something lighter, grab a burger without the bun.

Where to Find Burgatory

They have several locations in the greater Pittsburgh area. See the website below for specific locations, phone numbers, and their menu.


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  1. Kelsey Castriota on

    Hi my mother and I will be visiting burgatory soon, and as someone with a dairy intolerance and closer watcher of ingredients, I was wondering if you had any answers to a few concerns/questions I have! As for the shakes, I know on the menu it states the dairy free/vegan ice cream they use is soy, which is great! But do they use any liquid to blend the shake?? (Almond milk? Coconut milk? Soy? Etc.)?? Also, as you mentioned, they carry a vegan whipped cream as well (so cool!) but again, do you know the base of the whipped cream?? As for the burgers, I know they have the veggie burger and impossible burger, which is great! I saw on their menu they carry a vegan/dairy free cheese as well, again, do you know the base of the cheese?? If you could answer any of these questions I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks!

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