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Thanks to Go Dairy Free viewer Gloria for emailing this recommendation:

BJ’s has a very large menu with pizza, burgers, baked potatoes, and more. They brew their own root beer and creme soda which I highly recommend. Their Allergen menu is the best I have come across in the 10 months I have been dairy & soy free. It is an actual menu where you can see all the allergens side by side. Not 50 separate sheets in a notebook that is hard to compare when you have more than one allergy. Love going to BJ’s!!

See the BJ’s website for locations, hours, and phone numbers. Ask at the restaurant to see their allergen menu.


Restaurant & Brewery

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  1. I had a great experience at BJ’s in Austin. They have a very detailed online allergen menu that is super helpful. I chose a few selections based on my multiple allergies and then called to speak to management before going to the restaurant. They were extremely helpful and I felt confident that I could eat there safely. Our server made a special note of my allergies. When a different person brought out my food, he specifically mentioned that it was my food and that he was aware it was a special order. I rarely eat out anywhere, so this was a nice experience and I really enjoyed my meal without worrying that I would be sick later. I will definitely go there again and look forward to a night off from cooking once in a while!

  2. Do you know if their pizza crust itself is dairy-free, so one could order a cheeseless pizza for example? That was the only difficulty I had with their allergy menu: menu items that contained cheese didn’t say whether or not they were dairy-free if the cheese was left off even if that was an easy substitution (like on pizzas and sandwiches).

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