McAlister’s Deli


Thanks to Amy for emailing this recommendation:

I would like to suggest adding McAlister’s Deli to the restaurant list. It’s a national chain. They have a really awesome, easy to use menu tool that lets you sort by common allergens.

McAlister’s Deli lets you mix and match to make a sandwich or wrap that works for you, and I have to admit, their allergen search is quite nifty. They even offer dairy-free soups, sides, and salads, with several dressing options. Oh, and at last check, two of their cookies (on the dessert menu) were made without dairy!

McAlister’s Deli does have many locations in the U.S., but with a heavy concentration in the Southeast. See the website (below) for locations.


McAlister's Deli has a fantastic Allergen Search for their Menu!

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  1. Martha Wyatt on

    Please take SOY out of your food! SOY is bad for our Thyroid gland blocks Iodine! I have low Thyroid & could be that I have too much SOY! I realize it is cheap but at the expense of your customers? SOY flour prevents my eating bread! How about a flat bread without SOY!! You could advertise health food!! Please consider No SOY ! Thank you!

  2. I love McAllisters, I really wish they along with many other restaurants would start carrying dairy free cheeses. Before I was diagnosed with my allergy I always loved their loaded spud 🙂

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