Chuy’s Fine Tex Mex Restaurants: A Dairy-Free Menu Available!


Thanks to Jenny for emailing this recommendation of Chuy’s:

I went to Chuy’s today- one of my favorite restaurants.  I have not been there since the new non dairy diet.  They actually have a special non dairy menu.  That was awesome! I did not have to worry if something was cooked in butter.  I know they have locations in Texas, including Houston and Austin.

Chuy's Fine Tex Mex Restaurants have a Dairy-Free Menu! Locations throughout the Southern, Central and Eastern U.S.

And to Andrea for also sharing a recommendation of this dairy free-friendly restaurant:

Chuy’s had a dairy free menu, easy to read and readily available when I asked, that also provides dairy-free sauces so that you can customize your order.  Very accommodating.

Their dairy-free menu doesn’t appear to be online, and some readers expressed that it wasn’t available at their local Chuy’s. So we wrote in to ask, and received this response:

Below I have attached our dairy friendly menu. Most of our stores do not carry these menus, but the manager on duty will be able to help you out in picking some menu choices that suit your diet. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Chuy’s Dairy-Free Menu and Gluten-Free Menu

To help out, I’m including the Dairy-Free Menu here. I’ve also included the Gluten-Free Menu, because I know it will be helpful for many. Please note that the disclaimer that follows is for both menus.

Chuy's Restaurant Chain - dairy-free / dairy-friendly menu

Chuy's Restaurant Chain - gluten-free / gluten-friendly menu

Chuy's Restaurant Chain - disclaimer for dairy-free and gluten-free menus

They also have a vegetarian menu and list meat-free options on their main menu.

Chuy's Fine Tex Mex Restaurants have a Dairy-Free Menu! Locations throughout the Southern, Central and Eastern U.S.

Where to Find Chuy’s Restaurants

This Mexican restaurant chain is based in Austin, Texas, but they’ve rapidly expanded over the past ten years. You can find locations throughout the Southern, Central, and Eastern U.S. See their website below for addresses and hours.


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  1. I just called the Chuy’s in Round Rock, and they said I could order anything without cheese or milk… which IMHO does not warrant them being touted as having a “dairy free menu”. That’s the same as any other restaurant…

  2. I just tried the Chuy’s in Austin on N Lamar and when I asked for a dairy-free menu, the hostess and server both looked at me like I was crazy. The manager came over and said something like they used to provide those menus but because they couldn’t guarantee no cross-contamination, they stopped.
    Perhaps this differs by location?
    In any case, I got the chicken tortilla soup without cheese which as delicious but I couldn’t be absolutely sure it was dairy-free.

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