CO, Denver – Sweet Cooie’s: An Ice Cream Parlor that Cares


Sweet Cooie’s is an ice cream shop and chocolatier that makes everything from scratch in their little Denver shop. Although much of what they make contains dairy, they also specialize in rich homemade dairy-free and vegan ice cream and fruity sorbets.

Sweet Cooie's in Denver, CO offers a handful of dairy-free vegan ice creams and sorbets!

Sweet Cooie’s current vegan flavors include Peanut Butter Oreo, Horchata, Chocolate, Lemon Lavender Poppy, and more. Here are some more helpful details from their team:

A far as the vegan ice cream bases, it depends on the flavor, but is typically a combination of Coconut and Almond and sometimes Rice (Horchata). The ingredients to all our flavors are available at the counter for scoopers to assist our guests as they inquire. Some of our toppings (syrups) have dairy, but we offer Pineapple, Strawberry and Blueberry that would be vegan, and the sprinkles are dairy-free as well. The peanut toppings are candied and do indeed have egg. The truffles most certainly are made with cream, so they aren’t dairy-free.

The shop is brightly colored, has a retro feel, and even the scooping crew is dressed like in old time-y scoop shops! Along with a focus on quality sweet treats, Sweet Cooie’s also cares about their community. They have a Scoop for Scoop program in which they donate a portion of every scoop sold to women’s education.

Sweet Cooie's in Denver, CO offers a handful of dairy-free vegan ice creams and sorbets!

Where to Find Sweet Cooie’s

Location: 3506 E. 12th Ave, Denver, CO

Phone: 720-550-7140


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