The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Tops it Off with These Dairy-Free Options


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is an international coffeehouse chain that offers a plethora of dairy-free and vegan options for food and beverages.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - A Guide to the Dairy-Free and Vegan Options

Dairy-Free Drinks at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The lists below are from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. You might be able to order some additional items dairy-free on request. We’ve even heard that a seasonal pumpkin drink can be made vegan. But be sure to ask at your local shop before ordering. And please note that they do not list a corporate allergen policy. If potential cross-contamination is a concern for you, ask the barista if they are able to safely accommodate your needs.

Dairy-Free Beverages on the Menu

These simple drinks are dairy-free and vegan without any special requests.

  • Hot Coffee
  • Iced Coffee
  • Red Eye
  • Americano
  • Iced Americano
  • Espresso Shot
  • Hot Tea
  • Iced Tea
  • Sweet Tea
  • Iced Tea Lemonade
  • Bottled Water
  • Bottled Juice

Sub the Milk to Make These Drinks Dairy-Free

In 2017, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf started serving Califia’s Barista Blend. But according their website, they offer not only almond milk, but also soy milk and coconut milk beverage. They do have an additional charge for the dairy-free substitution, but it means you can enjoy any of the following.

  • Cold Brew Coffee (Regular / Nitro)
  • Cold Brew Vanilla Bean Latte (Regular / Nitro)
  • Cappuccino (Hot / Iced)
  • Latte (Hot / Iced)
  • Café Au Lait
  • Flat White
  • Macchiato
  • Cold Brew Tea (Peach Jasmine / Raspberry / Mango / Black Cherry)

Swap in Vanilla Syrup for These Dairy-Free Options

Their flavored beverages aren’t dairy-free because their flavored powders contain sodium caseinate (a milk protein derivative), and most of their syrups contain milk ingredients (including the Caramel Syrup and Chocolate Syrup). But you can substitute Vanilla Syrup, which is dairy-free, for the Vanilla Powder to make the following drinks vegan.

  • Vanilla Latte (Hot / Iced)
  • Vanilla Americano (Hot / Iced)
  • Café Vanilla
  • Vanilla Iced Coffee

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - A Guide to the Dairy-Free and Vegan Options

Dairy-Free Food at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The drink menu is fairly consistent across this franchise, but the food menu can vary quite a bit by location. At their corporate locations, all of the bagels (except the jalapeno cheese) are dairy-free and vegan. And they might have fresh salads, sandwiches, or other meal-worthy options that are dairy-free.

Most locations also have several vegan packaged snacks. You might find some of the these.

  • Enlightened Roasted Broad Bean Crisps
  • Justin’s Snack Packs with Nut Butter and Pretzels
  • Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookies
  • Pure Bars
  • Sabra Hummus Snack Packs with Pretzels
  • Seneca Apple Chips
  • That’s It Bars
  • The Organic Candy Factory Gummies
  • Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereals

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - A Guide to the Dairy-Free and Vegan Options

Where to Find The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was founded over 50 years ago, so they’ve amassed quite a few locations. They have over 1000 shops throughout the U.S. and in 31 other countries. See the website below to find a store.


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