Cracker Barrel: Menus for Top Food Allergens


Updated 2017! Go Dairy Free fan Sharon, let us know on facebook that she enjoys dining at Cracker Barrel because they have a great allergen list. And they’ve recently posted their Allergen Menu online. As with most restaurants, potential cross-contamination with allergens is always a concern.

Over the years, we’ve received mixed reviews from readers on Cracker Barrel. Some have found their local restaurant safe and helpful, others haven’t. Always evaluate the situation and do what is best for your needs.

At last check, some of the dairy-fee items at this Southern-cuisine chain included their Egg Sandwich (with side modifications), Meatloaf, Roast Beef, several sides and soups, and even Cobbler without ice cream. Again, see the Allergen Menu here.

Food Allergen Menus from Cracker Barrel - including dairy-free, egg-free and gluten-free

Where to Find Cracker Barrel

This is a Southern-style restaurant with locations across the U.S. See their website below for addresses, hours, phone numbers, and menus.


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  1. My waitress was very unknowledgable and told me after I ordered that something I ordered had gluten in it. When I tried to explain that dairy wasn’t gluten, she seemed very confused. Needless to say that made me nervous enough that I won’t be going again.

  2. You should update the article and say that Cracker Barrel is unsafe. If the premise has changed it is misleading to force folks to the comments section. The grill coating has dairy and there is cross contamination everywhere even if they cook in oil. The cook told me it was simply not safe. Cracker Barrel is not dary free.

    • Hi Brian, thank you for your concerns! I have updated this post with their latest Allergen menu and it’s disclaimer. I cannot speak to every person’s experience. I’ve had many readers contact me about how accommodating and safe they are, so I can only assume that it varies by location – which is very common with chains.

  3. Echoing other users:

    I asked for an allergen menu and was brought their Nutritional guide. Um… no. It only contained items recommended for: low carb, low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, and gluten-free. NOTHING about any of the other main allergens. 🙁 The server seemed confused. He said that was all they had besides a braille menu.

    I was starved, so I ordered 2 fried eggs cooked in OIL and on a clean grill (hopefully this doesn’t bite my son in the butt). I specified that I had allergies. I hope they understood. NOT a place I’ll be going again unless I’m not hungry and am OK with just having some coffee and watching others eat.

    This was in Mesa, Arizona.

  4. Leaving Cracker Barrel now. ALL of their food is cooked in dairy-containing margarine and butter. They will not clean the grill because it requires them to shut it down. They asked us to leave.

  5. Kim Tullbane on

    I was able to go to Cracker Barrel in Louisville, KY and a new server was very accommodating. I ate a BLT…I am soy and dairy free. Make sure you only get sourdough bread. When I go for breakfast I just get toast, jelly and bacon.

  6. I didn’t even feel comfortable enough to try eating there after talking to them on the phone. None of them seemed informed enough for me to feel okay eating the food. I talked to the people at the location on Turfway Road in Florence, Kentucky and they were fairly rude as well. The people who spoke with me said, “I think you can have the majority of our food but I’ll check.” I had heard that plenty of times before but when the woman came back to speak with me she sounded irritated and just confirmed what she had already said. This was unsettling to me since I know their menu and used to eat plenty of things that bluntly had a form of dairy in it before I found out about my allergy. It also didn’t match up with what I had read so far. I just wasn’t okay with the fact that they seemed like they were guessing.

  7. I found this page while searching for an allergen menu for Cracker Barrel. As you well stated, there isn’t one. But, I did want to mention that there is an app we use all the time called Allergy Eats. Allergy families download this for free and go in and rate restaurants on how well they can accommodate food allergies. It’s a great resource, especially when on vacation.

  8. Allison Gaskins on

    I found the staff at Cracker Barrel to be extremely friendly. I mentioned that I have a dairy allergy and asked to speak to the manager. He came to our table and I told him about my allergy and asked if he could suggest some dairy free foods. He informed me that I could probably eat most of their foods since they use margarine and no butter. I was so surprised that a manager didn’t know that margarine can cause problems for milk allergies. I did ask for an allergen menu but it did not list any information on items which contained milk. I ordered a chopped steak, plain baked potato, and salad. The waiter brought my salad and said they had cleaned the grill to cook the bacon bits so I would not have any issues. He also checked the ingredients of the dressing, which I appreciated. When the server brought my dinner, my baked potato was served with a huge dollop of margarine and also included sour cream. I mentioned this to the person who delivered the food (not our original waiter) and she said, “Oh, I see that on the order right here. Sorry about that.” They took it right back and corrected the mistake. After this experience, I doubt I will be eating there again. While the staff was very friendly and kind, I do not feel that they were well informed or had any literature for someone with a severe dairy allergy.

  9. We just had to walk out. The allergen menu does not include butter and they confirmed almost all sides are cooked in butter. Also anything grilled or fried is contaminated and they were out of meat loaf and roast beef. Beef stew is no longer on the menu. Basically I could eat a salad and applesauce 🙁

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