Burgerville Adds Dairy-Free Bliss Shakes to Their Permanent Menu


When I was a teenager, my dad and I would meet up at Burgerville every week. He’s always been really into health, but loves to enjoy a burger as his weekly treat. And Burgerville was his favorite. Since moving from the Northwest, I haven’t visited this popular chain. But it looks like they’ve been doing some amazing things. Beyond the usual order, they now serve veggie burgers, turkey burgers, truffle fries, and new dairy-free Bliss Shakes.

Burgerville Adds Dairy-Free Bliss Shakes to Permanent Menu - Plus List of Dairy-Free Menu Options at the Northwest Chain

Burgerville Adds Dairy-Free Bliss Shakes to Their Permanent Menu

Burgerville has teamed up with Coconut Bliss, another Oregon-based company, to serve plant-based ice cream shakes year round. Starting in June, you will be able to order a dairy-free Bliss Shake in any available shake flavor for the same price as their traditional dairy milkshakes. Bliss Shakes will be available at all Burgerville locations in Oregon and Southwest Washington, except for their Corvallis restaurant and Burgerville Signature in Tigard.

The base soft serve blend for the Bliss Shakes is made with coconut milk and organic cane sugar, and it was created by Coconut Bliss exclusively for Burgerville. The dairy-Free shakes will also be made on a dedicated Bliss machine at each location that is separate from the dairy milkshake machine.

Burgerville Adds Dairy-Free Bliss Shakes to Permanent Menu - Plus List of Dairy-Free Menu Options at the Northwest Chain

Ordering Dairy-Free Off the Menu is Easy at Burgerville

We won’t tell if you have dessert first, but you might want to know about their savory items too! Burgerville is known for locally-sourced ingredients and a commitment to sustainability. So it isn’t surprising that their menu boasts several healthier options, including plant-based and dairy-free choices.

  • On the Burger menu, their Original Hamburger and Seasoned Turkey Burger are dairy-free. Their other burgers, including the plant-based Adzuki Bean Burger, can be made dairy-free if you hold the cheese.
  • The Plain, Sesame Seed, and Gluten-Free Burger Buns all appear to be dairy-free. The Plain and Seeded are also made without eggs. But their wheat bun and English muffin contain dairy.
  • Their Chicken Tenders are made without dairy, and so are their Grilled Chicken and Crispy Chicken Fillets.* But for the chicken sandwiches, hold the cheese and swap the bun.
  • Any of their Salads can be dairy-free if the staff is able to prepare them without cheese.
  • Their Balsamic Vinaigrette and Honey Mustard Salad Dressing are made without dairy. The vinaigrette is also vegan.
  • All of their Fries are dairy-free and vegan,* including the classic French Fries, Rosemary Shoestring Fries, and Truffle Shoestring Fries.
  • For Dipping Sauce, you can choose the Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Burgerville Spread, Chipotle Mayonnaise, Garlic Aioli, Honey Mustard Dressing, and Tartar Sauce. They’re all dairy-free, but only the first two are also egg-free.
  • Other non-dairy Side options include the Apple Slices.
  • For Breakfast, the Hashbrowns are dairy-free and vegan.* You can also order the Breakfast Burger or the Breakfast Burrito without cheese. Their eggs are made without dairy, and with a grill oil that is dairy-free.
  • The Bliss Shakes are all dairy-free and vegan! They come in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Mint & Oreo, Mocha Perk, Triple Berry Blast, and seasonal flavors.

*Burgerville Allergen Notes

Their fried fish and Yakima asparagus menu items contain whey in the breading. So their could be a dairy cross-contact issue if cooked in the same fryer as their other fried items. They use soybean oil and canola oil for their fried foods, and for most of their dressings and sauces. Burgerville has the following Allergen Disclaimer:

We cannot guarantee that our menu items will remain free of the posted allergens due to possible cross-contact with other allergen-containing ingredients in the restaurant environment.

Burgerville Adds Dairy-Free Bliss Shakes to Permanent Menu - Plus List of Dairy-Free Menu Options at the Northwest Chain

Where to Find Burgerville

This restaurant chain was established in 1961, and is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. They now have over 40 locations throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. See their website below for locations, hours, and their nutrition information.

Website: www.burgerville.com

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