Hawaii: 12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu


After a hot day at the beach, nothing sounds better than a scoop or swirl of dairy-free ice cream. Luckily, there are several hidden spots on Oahu, in the tourist areas and beyond, where you can order creamy vegan flavors.

12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu - Creamy Vegan Flavors at a dozen shops and restaurants!Photo of creamy coconut soft serve from Aloha Whip.

12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu

Not every shop on Oahu caters to special diet needs, but these wonderful ice creameries serve delicious vegan frozen desserts. Most are located in the Honolulu area, where the bulk of the tourist action happens. I’ve also included some fun bonus suggestions to help ensure you get to enjoy a cup, cone, or pint of dairy-free ice cream on Oahu.

Aloha Whip (Waikiki)

Because the Dole Plantation is right on Oahu, you will see the Dole Whip sign on several stores. But Aloha Whip is one of the few to offer multiple flavors of this allergy-friendly sof serve. They typically serve three different Dole Whip flavors, which can include pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, mango, orange, lemon, or lime. And they periodically make their own non-dairy coconut and ubae flavors. We taste-tested the strawberry Dole Whip and it was delicious!

Aloha Whip has a great location, tucked inside the open air lobby of the Queen Kapiolani in Waikiki. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy the shade, gentle breezes, and a big cup or cone of dairy-free frozen dessert.

12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu - Creamy Vegan Flavors at a dozen shops and restaurants!

Banán (Waikiki, Diamond Head, Kahala Mall, U of H, and Kailua)

If you’re seeking creamy refreshment without the sugar rush, then look no further than Banán. They swirl banana soft serve made purely with fruit. Consequently, it’s not as sweet as your average soft serve, and can even stand in as a late breakfast or satisfy as a fulfilling afternoon snack.

Each location offers at least a few flavors and an array of local toppings, but their prices vary widely. See my Banán Review to find the best deal and which flavors we enjoyed most. Hint: my favorite is Acai soft serve at the Diamond Head food truck.

  • Locations: 3212 Monsarrat Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815 (Diamond Head food truck); 2301 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815 (Waikiki); 4211 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816 (Kahala Mall); 1810 University Ave, Honolulu, HI 96822 (U of H)
  • Website: www.bananbowls.com

Banán a-peels to Healthy Dairy-Free Ice Cream Seekers in Honolulu - it's a local banana soft serve chain that offers dairy-free and vegan, cool and creamy treats

Ben & Jerry’s (Ward Village near Ala Moana & Pearlridge Center near Pearl Harbor)

We can almost always count on a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop to have a creamy dairy-free option or two, and the Honolulu store is no exception. When we popped in, they were scooping non-dairy Caramel Almond Brittle, non-dairy Coconut Almond Fudge Chip, and a sorbet, but the selection can vary.

Ben & Jerry’s offers a few non-dairy options in terms of cones and toppings, too. See our Ben & Jerry’s Review for details on the dairy-free choices.

  • Location: 310 Kamakee St, Honolulu, HI 96814 and 98-1005 Moanalua Road #K8,
    Aiea, HI 96701
  • Phone: (808) 521-3388
  • Website: www.benjerry.com

Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops Have These Dairy-Free and Vegan Menu Items + Tips for Free Cone Day!

Dole Plantation (Central Valley)

Sure, you can get pineapple Dole Whip at several stores on Oahu, but it’s much more fun to enjoy it at the source. On the way to the North Shore, you can stop in to enjoy the “Pineapple Experience” that’s very family friendly. After everyone has worked up an appetite on the tour and in the pineapple garden maze, they can order a generously-sized, dairy-free pineapple whip with pineapple on top.

12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu - Creamy Vegan Flavors at a dozen shops and restaurants!

Haagen Dazs (Waikiki)

Located right in the center of Waikiki, facing the ocean, this indulgent pit stop couldn’t be any more convenient. They have several sorbets and one of their creamy, decadent non-dairy flavors available. When we visited, it was Truffle Fudge, which you can enjoy it in a cup or cone.

See my Haagen Dazs Review for all of the non-dairy options that they offer at their shops.

  • Location: 2344 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
  • Phone: (808) 924-9336
  • Website: www.haagendazs.us

Dairy-free Options at Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Shops

Hakuna Banana (Shop is now CLOSED, but you can buy their pints)

This kiosk on the second floor above Whole Foods swirls two flavors of banana soft serve, and makes a mean sundae. They’re similar to Banán, but they add a touch of coconut nectar and sea salt to their formula, which did help round out the flavor of the Chocolate that we tried.

They always have Banilla on hand, which is very banana-y, but the other flavor rotates. If you like bananas than this little spot is worth seeking out. They really do hit the sweet spot between health and indulgence. Hakuna Banana has also begun packing and selling pints, which you can buy at various grocers on Oahu and on the mainland.

12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu - Creamy Vegan Flavors at a dozen shops and restaurants!

Hawaiian Mac Nuts Soft Serve (KCC Farmers Market)

You can only get this soft serve once a week, in the morning, but it’s worth it. This was probably my favorite local dairy-free ice cream on Oahu, so I broke my “no dessert before noon” rule for it. It’s a creamy but refreshing blend of soy and macadamia nuts with a perfectly sweet, warm flavor. They have a few toppings available, but the crushed macadamia nuts are the most popular.

Hawaiian Mac Nuts is only at the big Saturday farmers market (they have a tiny version on Tuesday with just a few vendors), which runs from 7:30 to 11:00 am.

  • Location: 4303 Diamond Head Rd, Honolulu, HI 96816 (Saturdays only)

12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu - Creamy Vegan Flavors at a dozen shops and restaurants!

Lucy’s Lab Creamery (Ward Village near Ala Moana)

Located in an air-conditioned South Shore Market, this creative shop has a whole periodic table of menu items, including two vegan ice cream flavors. They are Hr – Horchata and Lv – Lychee. They also offer some fun dairy-free toppings, and they occasionally try out seasonal vegan flavors. Just ask the staff – we found them to be quite friendly.

I found it odd that the Horchata was made with coconut milk, instead of almond or even rice, but it did have a very nice flavor. It wasn’t as creamy as I expected, but it makes for a unique and refreshing option.

12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu - Creamy Vegan Flavors at a dozen shops and restaurants!

Peace Cafe (McCully-Moiliili, just north or Waikiki)

This local vegan restaurant churns their own dairy-free ice cream, and the selection seems to rotate often. They sometimes use a coconut milk base, sometimes cashew, and they usually have at least a couple flavors to choose from but sometimes more. Just some of the flavors that they’ve tinkered with include Black Sesame, Chocolate Avocado, Taro, Okinawa Sweet Potato / Berry, Chai, apple Pie, and Vanilla.

The prices at Peace Cafe are actually quite competitive, and they have a handful of toppings available to make it a sundae experience. They also serve their vegan ice cream affogato style.

12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu - Creamy Vegan Flavors at a dozen shops and restaurants!

‘Ai Love Nalo (Waimanalo)

This plant-based restaurant was recommended by an Instagram follower. “They’re soft serve is great! One of my favorite eats on island.”

  • Location:41-1025 Kalanianaole Hwy, Waimanalo, Hawaii
  • Phone: (808) 888-9102
  • Website: order.ailovenalo.com

Best Dairy-Free and Vegan Ice Cream on Oahu

Pressed Juicery (Ala Moana)

This is a chain with a smattering of locations throughout the U.S. Their primary focus is on their pressed juices and cleanses, but they also swirl dairy-free frozen dessert called Freeze in their stores. This is a good-for-you vegan soft serve that’s made with a base of dates and almonds, and contains no added sugars. In fact, each flavor has just 5 to 8 ingredients, and is spiked with real fruits and vegetables.

We were getting full on our ice cream tour, so we just tried a sample. It was a little “healthier” than my taste buds were expecting. But I think with some of their toppings (all dairy-free at last check!) this creamy concoction could easily satisfy.

  • Location: 1450 Ala Moana Blvd Suite 1375, Honolulu, HI 96814
  • Phone: (808) 949-5272
  • Website: pressedjuicery.com

12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu - Creamy Vegan Flavors at a dozen shops and restaurants!

Via Gelato (Kaimuki)

Dairy-free ice cream on Oahu is anything but ordinary, as you will discover at via Gelato. Sadly, their Ward Village location closed due high rent. But their location in the more local Kaimuki neighborhood, a few miles from Waikiki, lives on.

Their menu changes almost daily, but they usually have 4 to 6 vegan flavors available. Some regulars include Chocolate Haupia and Lilikoi (passionfruit). But we’ve seen other fun flavors like Lava Flow, Peppermint Oreo, and Golden Milk Pistachio.

12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu - Creamy Vegan Flavors at a dozen shops and restaurants!

Wing Ice Cream Parlor (Chinatown)

This hidden little shop lacks the aloha greeting, but they are kind enough to have a nice vegan ice cream menu that’s often bigger than their dairy ice cream menu! They boldly state “no samples” on their menu, but you can order a mini Wing Flight of three flavors for just a little more than the price of a scoop. And this is THE place for trying unique Hawaiian flavors.

I tried the Cinnamon Toast Ulu (breadfruit), which seemed odd at first, but the warm creamy flavor grew on me with each bite. I didn’t see the flight option until after I ordered (the staff wasn’t too interested in customer service), but if I had, I would have ordered the Chocolate Haupia and Black Sesame flavors too.

All of their non-dairy flavors are hand-crafted in house, and most are made with a coconut milk base. But they occasionally use soy, like in their Kinako (roasted soy) flavor.

12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu - Creamy Vegan Flavors at a dozen shops and restaurants!

Bonus: The Best Vegan Sorbetto on Oahu

Sorbet might seem a little anticlimactic, but Cafe Glace in Waikiki makes it interesting. It’s a locally-owned and operated gelato shop that always has about ten varieties of dairy-free and vegan sorbetto available. They’re all fruity flavors, but have the creamiest finish.

The staff at Cafe Glace is very friendly and will let you sample as many flavors as you like. We ended up getting a multi-flavor cup, which was delicious since the fruit flavors tended to compliment one another.

  • Location: 227 Lewers St #115, Honolulu, HI 96815
  • Phone: (808) 927-2645
  • Website: cafeglace.com

12 Cool Spots to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu - Creamy Vegan Flavors at a dozen shops and restaurants!

Where to Buy Pints of Dairy-Free Ice Cream on Oahu

Believe it or not, the broadest selection of dairy-free ice cream products can be found at Safeway on Oahu. Safeway now dedicates an entire aisle to ice cream, and the vegan options get several shelves. They also tend to have the most ice cream sales of any store, and their non-dairy options usually go on sale right alongside the dairy version. There are several Safeway stores scattered on the south shore of Oahu and in Kailua.

Whole Foods is the runner-up for pints of dairy-free ice cream on Oahu. They sell many of the “healthier” brands and some of the local options, and they have three locations – one near downtown Honolulu, one at Kahala Mall, and one out in Kailua.

Target ranks number three on the list, not because they have the biggest selection, but because they have the best sales. The non-dairy varieties of Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s and So Delicious tend to go on sale here often. They are located at Ala Moana mall.

Down to Earth Organic & Natural stores are also great for dairy-free ice cream and desserts. And their prices are usually competitive with Whole Foods. They have two locations in Honolulu and additional stores in Aiea, Kapolei, and Kailua.

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