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Though they have yet to add some dairy-free donuts to the menu, Dunkin’ Donuts began offering soymilk back in 2008, after a targeted vegan campaign. Excited viewers like Dana emailed in:

My local Dunkin’ Donuts on the upper west side in Manhattan always carries soymilk!  Now I can enjoy my favorite outside coffee on the go!

The milk alternative not only persisted, becoming available throughout the Dunkin’ Donuts chain, but in 2014 they trumped their soy substitute by partnering with Almond Breeze to make vanilla-flavored almond milk available in three-fourths of their nearly 8000 locations. Then, in 2016, the almond milk offering expanded to every U.S. location, nationwide.

Dunkin Donuts offers ample dairy-free and vegan beverages with Almond Breeze almond milk available at all locations.

Offering up inexpensive coffee and tea beverages, Dunkin’ Donuts is giving Starbucks a run for their money. Expect to see more locations popping up in the U.S. as they are ramp up and be sure to ask for the milk alternative when you order. While you’re ordering, it wouldn’t hurt to put in a request for some dairy-free and/or vegan donuts, too! It’s obvious that management is listening, so keep on talking.

See the website (below) for locations, menu, and phone numbers.

Website: www.dunkindonuts.com

Dunkin' Donuts offers ample dairy-free and vegan beverages with Almond Breeze almond milk available at all locations.

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  1. Dunkin is a terrible company for one reason — inconsistency. Here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — many locations offer almond milk as an alternative. Go to a Dunk outside the region though and you will find employees who don’t even understand the concept of dairy free at all. Starbucks is overpriced, but they are at least trying and have soy milk available at all locations.

  2. None of the Dunkin Donuts anywhere in IL have Soymilk, I ask every time I go to a different location and the answer is always no. I am not an almond milk fan because of the excessive sodium and the carrageanan

    • P.s. I recently had to put my daughter on a dairy free diet. I was told about the carrageenan bring terrible. I read up on our from silk, almond breeze, and some others and they write that they were pulling that ingredient from their moms. You will need to check the boxes or bottle, but you will find then to be without carrageenan 🙂

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