Last Updated September 2020! Pardon our dust, this guide has just begun! We’ve created this ever-growing guide to restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and ice cream shops in Massachusetts that are friendly to dairy-free diners. It’s a collection based on research and reader recommendations (send yours!), that’s divided into local restaurants (first) and chains (second).

Note: You can ignore the date on this post going forward. We’ll update the information below whenever we’re alerted to a new restaurant recommendation, change, or closure. 

Local Massachusetts Restaurants Recommended for Dairy-Free Eats

We’ve listed these recommendations alphabetically by city, and then by the restaurant or shop name.

⭐️ = Restaurant is either dairy-free, has a dairy-free menu, has dairy-free labels on their menu(s), or lists top allergens with menu items. (At the time of our last review.)


  • Grasshopper ⭐️ – Thanks to Brian for recommending this casual vegan Asian-style restaurant. You’ll recognize the names of the Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese dishes on their very broad menu. But they’re heavy on vegetables and feature tofu, seitan, and some plant-based “meats.”
  • FoMu ⭐️ – This is a completely vegan local ice cream and sweet bakery chain. Their decadent ice creams have a coconut milk based, and can be enjoyed in a cup, cone, or with toppings. They also make ice cream smoothies, pies, and cakes, and offer an array of vegan baked goods.


  • J.P. Licks ⭐️ – This popular local ice cream chain is all over the greater Boston area, and they offer several dairy-free options. See the Boston listing below for details.


  • Hillside Pizza – Their Hadley location is a bit more vegan friendly, but all three spots, including this one, offer Daiya dairy-free cheese alternative, two dairy-free sauce options, dairy-free crust (regular and wheat), and a good range of toppings. But avoid the gluten-free pizza crust, which is loaded with milk and cheese. They also offer some dairy-free wrap and salad options, and can make take-and-bake pizzas for you.


  • by Chloe ⭐️ – Their biggest cluster of locations is in Manhattan, but this plant-based, counter-serve restaurant has a smattering of locations in Boston, too! They serve a healthy vegan array of burgers, sandwiches, salads, pastas, and smoothies, with pancakes on the weekend. They’re open for lunch, dinner, and dessert, which includes house-made ice cream (also sold by the pint), cookies, cupcakes, and other pastries.
  • Estragon Tapas Bar – The owner is a Madrid native, lending authentic flare to their plates. In fact, some dishes are from family recipes. They boldly label vegan and gluten-free options on their menus, of which there are many. We’ve been told they’re also well versed for other special diet needs, and have several more “just dairy free” items available.
  • Fire + Ice – A reader named Janet recommended two California locations for dairy-free lunch, dinner, and brunch options. But they recently opened a third location in Boston. It’s a Mongolian BBQ type place, but they offer a global array of flavors. Since you pick your own ingredients, it makes it easy to order without dairy and choose the right sauces. Janet said, “If the grill has already been used or is being used for things that shouldn’t be anywhere near my food, they take mine to the back and cook it in a separate pan and deliver it to my table.”
  • FoMu ⭐️ – At last count, they had two locations in Boston, one on the South End and in the Fenway area. Both are purely vegan ice cream parlors offering unique scoops and an array of desserts – from fresh-baked cookies and magic bars to billowing waffle cones and ice cream cakes.
  • J.P. Licks ⭐️ – This popular local ice cream chain does a great job of labeling for dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan customers. They regularly offer some creamy dairy-free flavors, usually made with coconut milk or oat milk. They also offer nuts, coconut, crushed cookies, fruits, and peanut butter sauce as dairy-free toppings, and can whip you up a creamy dairy-free frappe, among other drinks. For milkshakes and coffee drinks, they have almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk available. They have several locations around the city.
  • Life Alive ⭐️ – This organic vegetarian cafe has several locations in Massachusetts. They clearly label dairy on the menu, and serve several creative vegan dishes. They serve a big selections of greens, grain dishes, soups, smoothies, and other drinks.


  • Fare and Just Kitchen ⭐️ – Everything they make is vegan, gluten-free, and peanut-free, and available exclusively as takeout. Their menu changes weekly, but includes house-made soups, salads, hot entrees, and an array of smoothies.


  • J.P. Licks ⭐️ – This popular local ice cream chain is all over the greater Boston area, and they offer several dairy-free options. See the Boston listing above for details.
  • Life Alive ⭐️ – This light and airy cafe serves vegetarian food and drinks that are heavy on plants. They clearly label dairy, nuts, and gluten on the menu, and have a big range of vegan menu items. It’s open for lunch and dinner, and they have a full juice and smoothie bar.
  • Pure Cold Press – You can order fresh-pressed juices, almond milk (or soymilk) smoothies, acai bowls, light breakfasts, sandwiches, wraps, and salads at this California-style, counter-serve spot. They clearly label vegan menu items, and there are quite a few of them since this is a mostly vegetarian establishment.
  • The Kosher Wok ⭐️ – Formerly Taam China, this Glatt Kosher restaurant serves both classic and unique Chinese cuisine. Though Chinese restaurants tend to be mostly dairy free, this one doesn’t mess around with dairy at all. Under kosher dietary laws, meat and milk must not be mixed, and shellfish is not eaten, so you won’t even find any crab rangoon on their menu.


  • Twist Bakery & Cafe ⭐️ – Whether you’re craving breakfast, lunch, or dessert, this gluten-free bakeshop has you covered. They also shun peanuts, tree nuts (except coconut), and soy (except lecithin), and most of their menu is dairy-free or includes a dairy alternative option. They serve all types of hot and cold drinks (oat and coconut milks available), griddle cakes, sandwiches, salads, burgers, and more, and have a big array of pies, cookies, cupcakes, muffins … I could go on. They also bake custom desserts.


  • J.P. Licks ⭐️ – This popular local ice cream chain is all over the greater Boston area, and they offer several dairy-free options. See the Boston listing above for details.
  • Life Alive ⭐️ – This casual, counter-serve cafe has a funky vibe, and a completely vegetarian menu. Labels for dairy, nuts, and gluten are clear on their menus, and they offer a big vegan selection. All of their juices, smoothies, lattes, and acai bowls are listed as dairy free, and they serve several dairy-free and vegan salads, wraps, bowls, and soups for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • New City Microcreamery ⭐️ – This place isn’t cheap, but for a dairy-free ice cream outing, it can be worth it. They have a daily menu of dairy-free and vegan flavors, that usually includes several coconut milk-based options. You can order your scoops in a cup or on a sugar cones (not waffle), with sprinkles, golden nuggets, or a few other toppings. They also take custom ice cream cake orders that can be made dairy-free, vegan, or for other special diet needs. Oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, and several dairy-free syrups are also available for milkshakes and coffee drinks.
  • Sweet Bakery – Cupcakes and cakes are the specialty at this bake shop, but they offer a few other goodies to round out the mix. Each day they have some vegan cupcakes on hand, and a variety of gluten-free vegan cupcakes, cookies, and bars. They also take custom special diet orders for cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, and cookies. This location is inside New City Microcreamery.
  • Veggie Galaxy ⭐️ – This out-of-this-world, from-scratch diner is completely vegetarian, and everything on their menu can be made vegan – from the stuffed French Toast to the Loaded Mac & Cheese to the Sundaes with hot fudge and whip topping. It’s also a great option if you are dairy-free, but eat eggs, since they do offer omelets and scrambles. You can stop by for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or just to pick up some treats from the full vegan bakery they have on site.


  • Harrows Chicken Pies – As the name implies, they make chicken pies, with or without vegetables, in various sizes. You can walk in and pick up a take and bake, because they are dairy free! But when they bake them in store, they brush milk on the crust. So either bake at home, or request no milk if ordering a cooked pie.
  • J.P. Licks ⭐️ – This popular local ice cream chain is all over the greater Boston area, and they offer several dairy-free options. See the Boston listing above for details.


  • Hillside Pizza – If you’re craving a cheesy pizza, this is a good spot. They offer Daiya dairy-free cheese alternative, two dairy-free and vegan sauce options, regular and wheat crust made without dairy-free, and a plethora of toppings. But avoid the gluten-free pizza crust, which is loaded with milk and cheese. Several of their wraps can also be made dairy-free, and their garden salad and curry chicken salad have no dairy added.


  • Cafe Evolution and the Natural Selection Bakery – This entirely vegan restaurant and bakery was founded in 2005, and is still churning out award-winning baked goods. They are well known for cupcakes, scones, bars, cookies, and bread, along with their full menu of breakfast and lunch dishes. On the weekends, they serve an impressive vegan brunch.


  • Hillside Pizza – They offer Daiya dairy-free cheese alternative (for an extra charge). Their regular and wheat crust our dairy-free, but avoid the gluten-free pizza crust, which is loaded with milk and cheese. Their classic tomato sauce and olive oil and garlic sauce are listed as dairy-free, and they have a big array of vegetables, meats, and tempeh bacon for dairy-free toppings. This location also has several sandwiches that can be made dairy-free and even gluten-free (they use Canyon Bakehouse bread for gluten-free). And their garden salad and curry chicken salad are dairy free. Their menu is also filled with vegan options.


Sweet Izzy’s ⭐️ – Located in the Harwich Port area, this seasonal spot (open spring and summer) is dairy-free, and serves a wonderful selection of ice cream and coffee drinks. Meghan wrote in to tell us about it. “They have a variety of hard ice cream as well as 2-3 flavors of soft serve and a huge variety of toppings.”


  • New City Microcreamery ⭐️ – They take special diets seriously at this modern ice cream parlor. Their daily list of dairy-free and vegan ice cream flavors usually includes a half dozen creamy options, and they have vegan, gluten, and top allergen information for everything else on the menu, right down to their sundae and coffee syrups. They have dairy-free sugar cones, several vegan toppings, and oat, almond, and soy milk for making milkshakes and coffee drinks.


  • Katie’s Homemade Ice Cream – This seasonal shop is open from early spring through the end of September, but they close up shop for fall and winter. When open, they usually have at least one hand-crafted dairy-free and vegan creamy flavor, along with some sorbet options. They also offer vegan chocolate magic shell made with coconut oil.

Jamaica Plain

  • FoMu ⭐️ – Ice cream cookie sandwiches, floats, custom ice cream pies, sundaes complete with whipped topping, waffle cones dipped in toppings – and it’s all without a drop of dairy. Yes, dreams really do come true at this 100% vegan ice cream parlor. And their flavor selection ranges form ordinary to uniquely extraordinary.


  • Life Alive – This cozy cafe opens in the late morning, and serves healthy vegetarian food and drinks all day. Unlike most of their other locations, dairy isn’t as clearly labeled on the menus, but they still have tons of dairy-free and vegan options. All of their smoothies, juices, and lattes are made without dairy, and they serve many vegan wraps, bowls, salads, and other casual entrees.


  • J.P. Licks ⭐️ – This popular local ice cream chain is all over the greater Boston area, and they offer several dairy-free options. See the Boston listing above for details.


  • Harrows Chicken Pies – Yes, their unbaked chicken pies of all sizes really are dairy-free (we’ve heard egg-free and nut-free, too). If you ask them to bake it for you, ask them to skip brushing milk on the crust.


  • Harrows Chicken Pies – Their popular chicken pies are sold as take-and-bakes that you can walk in and buy at any time. They’re dairy-free as is, both with and without vegetables. They can bake the pies for you, but they do brush milk on before baking unless you request “no milk.”


  • Twist Bakery & Cafe ⭐️ – This enticing shop is free from gluten, peanuts, tree nuts (except coconut), and soy (except soy lecithin), and most of their items are free from dairy or have a dairy-free option. They offer Daiya cheese alternative, oat milk, coconut milk, and coconut whipped cream as menu options. They also clearly label egg-free and vegan choices. Their menu includes a big selection of sweet and savory baked goods, full desserts, breakfast dishes, and lunches. They do take custom cake orders.


  • Treat Cupcake Bar – This cupcakery bakes “regular” cupcakes, but they also have daily “allergy-friendly” cupcakes available that are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and soy-free and made without nuts. Which flavors are baked and ready to purchase can rotate daily. But they offer over a dozen different allergy-friendly flavors that can be custom ordered as cupcakes or full-size cakes. They reportedly use separate equipment to make their allergy-friendly line.


  • Blacker’s Bakeshop – You won’t want to miss this kosher pareve bakery. Everything they make, from croissants to Boston cream pie, is dairy-free and nut-free. They have an expansive sweet and savory menu, which includes several egg-free and vegan options (even challah!). You can also order custom cakes and other desserts for any occasion.
  • J.P. Licks ⭐️ – This popular local ice cream chain is all over the greater Boston area, and they offer several dairy-free options. See the Boston listing above for details.

Newton Highlands

  • Walnut Grille – It’s a vegetarian restaurant, but their broad lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch menus are heavily vegan, and have vegan options for just about everything. Gluten-free and soy-free options are also generously labeled. And they bake custom vegan cakes for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions.


  • Bela – This little vegetarian restaurant has a petite menu to match, but it’s big on local and organic foods. They have a fixed daily menu for lunch and dinner with a ‘no substitutions’ policy, but it’s mostly vegan. The owner also bakes a big range of cakes, pies, and cookies (mostly vegan), and churns several flavors of dairy-free ice cream.
  • Paul and Elizabeth’s – Debbie recommended this restaurant, which has a heavy macrobiotic focus. They serve a fresh array of fish and vegetarian dishes, many with a Japanese flair. Much of the menu is dairy-free, they have some vegan options, and the servers are helpful with special dietary choices. They also offer a dairy-free dessert!


  • Ice Cream Cafe – Unlike many other ice cream shops in this area, this one is open year round. They also swirl vegan soft serve (vanilla, chocolate, or twist), and have dairy-free scoops available in several creamy coconut- or soy-based flavors, along with some sorbets. We’ve been told they have vegan hot fudge, too. But check ahead on what’s available for the day.


  • Harrows Chicken Pies – Their unbaked chicken pies are dairy-free (we’ve heard egg-free and nut-free, too). They’re available to walk in and buy for take-and-bake, or you can order ahead for cooked chicken pies. But ask for “no milk” as they brush on milk before baking the pies.


  • Flying Saucer Pizza Company – This out-of-this-world pizzeria offers a half dozen vegan pizzas right on their main menu, and of course, you can build your own dairy-free or vegan pizza! They offer vegan mozzarella, but also have vegan alfredo, vegan mac and cheese, vegan mock meats, and a plethora of other dairy-free sauces and toppings. Their house-made NY-style dough is vegan, and their gluten-free crust is dairy-free (but does contain egg).
  • Jodi Bee Bakes – This bakery and vegetarian cafe offers an entire range of vegan and/or gluten-free baked goods and savories. You can get vegan cupcakes, cookies, whoopie pies, breads, and muffins on a daily basis, and they take special orders. They also serve vegan quiche, sandwiches, wraps, soups, and more for lunch.
  • Life Alive – Like their Lowell location, this warm, comfortable, counter-serve cafe doesn’t have special diet labels on their menu, but that doesn’t mean they lack options. They use a coconut milk base for all of their smoothies, offer coconut, rice, or tiger nut milk for their lattes and hot chocolate, and most of their grain and salad bowls are naturally vegan. The restaurant as a whole is vegetarian, with a healthy organic focus. And only a few items on the menu contain eggs or cheese.


  • True Bistro – This intimate vegan restaurant serves dinner and weekend brunch. Their menus have familiar favorites, like enchiladas, mac and cheese, lasagna, and crepes. But they are elevated with presentation and from-scratch ingredients, like their house-made cashew cheeses and sauces. They also offer dessert, with specialties like vegan cheesecakes.


  • Harrows Chicken Pies – They offer some sides and dessert, but chicken pies are the headliner. Grab a cold one to bake at home in single-serve or one of their multi-serve sizes, with or without vegetables – they’re all made without dairy! If they bake it for you, they brush milk on the crust, unless you request “no milk.”
  • Sweet Bakery – This is a classic cupcakery, but everyday they bake a selection of vegan cupcakes and vegan gluten-free cupcakes, cookies, and bars. You can also place a custom order for dairy-free, gluten-free, and/or vegan cupcakes, cakes (for all occasions), cake pops, cookies, and more.


  • J.P. Licks ⭐️ – This popular local ice cream chain is all over the greater Boston area, and they offer several dairy-free options. See the Boston listing above for details.


  • Harrows Chicken Pies – This is just one of their locations in the greater Boston area, and all sell chicken pies that are dairy-free. Buy the take-and-bakes, or ask them to skip the milk brushing on top if you want them to bake some chicken pies you.


  • Red Lentil – This award-winning vegetarian restaurant offers a globally diverse menu, with ample vegan options. In fact, their menus have vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and “contains nuts” labels throughout, and they offer vegan alternatives, like cheese. They serve lunch, dinner, and a boisterous brunch menu.


  • J.P. Licks ⭐️ – This popular local ice cream chain is all over the greater Boston area, and they offer several dairy-free options. See the Boston listing above for details.


National Chains with Several Massachusetts Locations

There are many more chains in this state, but these are the ones we recommend most for dairy-free options.

This Guide is Continuously Updated with Recommendations

We welcome you to recommend other dairy-free friendly restaurants. Leave a comment or contact us and tell us why you like a certain restaurant. Restaurant owners and employees are also invited to reach out and let us know how you welcome dairy-free customers.

Please kindly let us know in the comments if any of these restaurants close. We want to keep this list current for you, but aren’t always notified when a restaurant closes. Let us know and we will quickly update!

This Guide is for Informational Purposes Only

Menus, ingredients, kitchen procedures, management, and restaurants are subject to change at any time. Always read the menu and discuss your dietary needs with the staff before ordering. Make sure that they can accommodate your situation.

There is always a risk for potential cross-contamination of allergens in any commercial kitchen. If cross-contamination is an issue for you, always speak with the manager to ensure that your meal can be safely prepared. Listings here do not guarantee that a restaurant is safe enough for your individual needs. Only you can make that decision.

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