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Eat Dairy Free - Your Essential Cookbook for Everyday Meals, Snacks, and SweetsUpdated 2021! Despite the regional name, Moe’s Southwest Grill started in Atlanta, and I’ve never seen one in the Southwest. But they do have about 5000 locations in the U.S., and some locations in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France. There also is no Moe. Moe’s is an acronym for “Musicians, Outlaws and Entertainers,” which is why they have music and art themes at their restaurants.

Pretty much anything that looks creamy or cheesy at Moe’s Southwest Grill does contain dairy, but that still leaves a big menu of fresh-Mex options. You can order bowls, burritos, salads, and tacos, and they even have a few desserts. They also provide paleo, vegan, “gluten friendly,” keto, and whole30 menu options.

Moe's Southwest Grill Dairy-Free Menu Items and other Allergen and Special Diet Information

No Dairy (Milk-Based) Ingredients at Moe’s Southwest Grill (see disclaimer below)

Moe’s Southwest Grill is primarily a build-your-own kind of place. So we’ve broken down the components below to building your own burrito, bowl, tacos, or salad.

  • Tortilla Products – Flour Tortillas, Whole Grain Tortillas, Corn Tortillas, Crispy Corn Tortillas, Tortilla Chips, Salad Bowl
  • Proteins Adobo Chicken, White Meat Chicken, Mojo Chicken, Steak, Pork Carnitas, Fish, Organic Tofu, Black Beans, Pinto Beans
  • Grains – Seasoned Rice, Cilantro Lime Rice, Quinoa
  • Other Toppings – Diced Onions, Fresh Jalapenos, Chopped Cilantro, Diced Tomatoes, Corn Pico, Grilled Onions, Grilled Peppers, Grilled Mushrooms, Pickled Jalapenos, Diced Cucumbers, Black Olives, Shredded Lettuce, Chopped Romaine, Lime Wedges, Bacon Pieces
  • Sauces – Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Southwest Vinaigrette, Hard Rock and Roll Hot Sauce, El Guapo Salsa, Kaiser Salsa, Tomatillo Salsa, Space B’Green Salsa, Tres Jalapeno Salsa
  • Soup – Baja Enchilada
  • Dessert – Brownie, Cinnamon Chips

Other Allergen Notes

  • Obviously, their cheeses, sour cream, and ranch products contain dairy. But their Ground Beef, Avocado Lime Crema, and Southwest Slaw also contain dairy.
  • Gluten-free diners should stick to their bowls and salads. Moe’s lists all of their tortilla products (including the corn ones) as containing gluten.

Vegan Menu Items at Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe’s offers a whole vegan menu of items, which includes the whole grain tortillas, corn tortillas, and corn chips, black beans, pinto beans, tofu, quinoa, seasoned rice, cilantro lime rice, vegetables listed above, and most of the sauces listed above. Neither of the desserts listed above is shown as vegan (the brownies contain egg). Please not that the diet filter for vegan doesn’t work very well, at least when we tried it. It was showing items like chicken as vegan.

Moe's Southwest Grill Dairy-Free Menu Items and other Allergen and Special Diet Information

More Details from Moe’s Southwest Grill

Allergen Disclaimer from Moe’s Southwest Grill: Moe’s does not guarantee that cross-contact with allergens will not occur.

Restaurant Website:

Allergen Information for the United States:

*The above information was supplied by the corresponding restaurant via their website, customer service, or other published nutritional information.  Ingredients and menu offerings are constantly changing in the food service industry, and can be subject to interpretation.  For this reason, Go Dairy Free does not guarantee nor take responsibility for the accuracy of this information.  If severe allergies or intolerances are a concern, contact the restaurant directly before purchasing or consuming one of their products.  Cross-contamination of potential food allergens should always be considered a possibility in a fast food restaurant.  

Last Updated: February 16, 2021

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