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This review was shared with us by Shauna of the blow Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Living:

As someone who is Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free, my favorite pizza place/Italian restaurant in New York City is Nizza Restaurant on 9th Avenue between 44th and 45th Street in Manhattan. As soon as I arrived, I said I was dairy and gluten free and found them to be very accommodating to my restrictions.

Nizza Restaurant has gluten free breadsticks, gluten free pasta, and gluten free pizza. Unfortunately, the breadsticks have dairy in them, but anyone who is just gluten free in your party can enjoy them.

The gluten free pasta used at this restaurant is corn pasta. The pasta here tasted so much like regular pasta it was hard to believe it was gluten free.

Dairy-Free Restaurant Reviews - Nizza Restaurant PizzaLast, but certainly not least: the pizza. The pizza is made from socca [they confirmed it is dairy-free], which is a crispy pancake made of chickpea flour. Since hummus is one of my favorite foods after rice, I fell in love with the taste of the dough. I had the Vegetariana Bianca, without cheese, which consisted of spinach, mushrooms, artichokes, and roasted peppers. It tasted amazing.

In addition to gluten free food, there is also gluten free beer. They have the Spainard beer Estrella Damm Daura beer. I found it to have the carbonation taste of beer and a stronger flavor than a regular beer. I really enjoyed it with my pizza.

As a bonus, this restaurant specializes in gluten free cooking; therefore, a celiac does not have to worry about cross contamination.

Overall, I had an excellent experience and I would definitely come here more often if I lived and worked in New York City and not Long Island.

Location: 630 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Phone: (212) 956-1800

Website: www.nizzanyc.com

Dairy-Free Restaurant Reviews - Nizza Restaurant
Image (top left) from Shauna and (above) from Nizza Restaurant

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