Pei Wei Puts Fast Casual Diners at Ease with Allergen Menus


Updated 2018! Pei Wei is the fast casual chain owned by P.F. Chang’s. They have an open kitchen concept where you can watch the flames dance as they prepare your meal. I’ve always loved this chain for their atmosphere and flavors. And they can be a good option for dairy-free diners.

Pei Wei - an Asian fast-casual chain in the U.S. with great allergen menus & a gluten-free menu for each location

But I’m updating this post because many of their menu items now contain dairy. There are still many great options, but some surprising dishes have milk in them. For example, all of the noodle dishes, fried rice, spring rolls, several of the stir fries, the plain quinoa, and more contain milk. They¬† have very clear allergen charts for every location, which you can access via their website below.

For the locations that I looked at, all of their Hand-Rolled Sushi was dairy-free. They also had Honey Seared, Korean Spicy, Sweet & Sour, and Teriyaki Rice Bowls (with your choice of Steak, Shrimp, Chicken, or Vegetables & Tofu) for milk-free options. And there were a few more choices depending on the preparation.

They also have some Salad Bowl Options and a smattering of shareable Appetizers, like their iconic Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Vietnamese Salad Rolls. But for dessert, I recommend sticking with the Fortune Cookies! All of their other desserts do contain dairy.

Again, use caution and double check that allergen menu. I was stunned by which dishes contain dairy at Pei Wei! (Note: I contacted customer service and they said the quinoa, fried rice, and a few other items don’t contain dairy, but the allergen charts haven’t changed, so be cautious.)

Beyond milk / dairy, the Allergen Menus cover eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, wheat, corn, legumes, mushrooms, onions, sesame, and sulfites. They also have separate gluten-free menus.

Pei Wei - an Asian fast-casual chain in the U.S. with great allergen menus & a gluten-free menu for each location

Where to Find Pei Wei

They have over 200 locations in the U.S. and just a smattering of locations in other countries, including Kuwait, U.A.E., and South Korea.


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