PA, Pittsburgh – Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt: Top Off Your Day with Their Vegan Flavors


Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt in Pittsburgh uses organic ingredients in their decadent delights! And although they are a traditional dairy creamery, they serve creamy dairy-free flavors, too.

Piccadilly Pittsburgh is serving up artisan dairy-free frozen yogurt and heaps of tasty toppings!

Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt offers a handful of dairy-free and vegan flavors made with ethically sourced coconut milk, fresh fruit, and organic sugar. Their vegan varieties include coconut, chocolate raspberry, key lime, and some seasonal flavors such as chai and pumpkin spice.

There’s no need to fret about missing out on toppings either, because the toppings bar is packed with dairy-free sweets. Top your froyo with a choice of carob chips, organic gummy bears, sunflower seeds, pretzels, local fruit, and so much more!

Beyond dairy-free, Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt also does their best to cater to other food allergy requests:

For our guests with nut allergy concerns, we keep all of our nuts in a “nut zone” separate from the other toppings. We also happily accommodate requests for other allergy issues.

Along with the self-serve frozen yogurt, Piccadilly offers micro batch liquid nitrogen ice creams and frozen yogurts. So they can make your frozen yogurt right in front of you! It’s a fun spectacle and a delicious treat in one. Liquid nitrogen freezes incredibly quick, reducing the ice crystals and resulting in a creamier frozen yogurt.

Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt also offers on-site events, catering, and drop-off sundae kits to enjoy at home.

Piccadilly Pittsburgh is serving up artisan dairy-free frozen yogurt and liquid nitrogen ice cream frozen right before your eyes!

Where to Find Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt

Location: 695 Washington Road Mt. Lebanon PA

Phone: 412-207-9654


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