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Updated in 2021! The original Potbelly Sandwich Shop was founded in 1977 in Chicago, but it wasn’t until 20 years later that their expansion began. Now they’re a publicly traded company with hundreds of outposts. Each location makes fresh toasty subs, salads, soups, and even serves oatmeal for breakfast. And Potbelly Sandwich Shop is quite straight forward with allergens, allowing us to build this custom dairy-free menu.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop Dairy-Free Menu Guide with Custom Order Options

Dairy-Free Menu Guide for Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Unfortunately, the desserts, shakes, smoothies, mac & cheese, and most soups at Potbelly Sandwich Shop are off limits for dairy-free guests, but that still leaves quite a few savory options. Most of the sandwiches and salads at Potbelly Sandwich Shop can be made dairy-free without the cheese. We’ve listed the menu items that are dairy-free as is, how to custom order, and it’s all followed by the menu item components!


  • BLTA
  • Monkey Business
  • PB&J
  • Chicken Salad (no cheese)
  • Clubby (no cheese, no ranch)
  • Grilled Chicken (no cheese)
  • Grilled Chicken Club (no cheese)
  • Italian (no cheese)
  • Lucky 7 Meat (no cheese)
  • Mediterranean (no cheese)
  • Mediterranean Chicken (no cheese)
  • Roast Beef (no cheese)
  • Skinny Hammie (no cheese)
  • Skinny T-K-Y (no cheese)
  • Smoked Ham (no cheese)
  • Tuna Salad (no cheese)
  • Turkey Breast (no cheese)

Heads Up! The Oven Roasted Turkey, Meatballs, and Egg Patty contain milk. The Lucky 7 Meat and Monkey Business subs are part of their “underground menu.” They list the Lucky 7 as milk-free on the allergen menu, but most locations do top it with cheese. Be sure to order without. If the Prime Rib and / or Reuben are available, they might also be dairy-free without the cheese – verify with the staff.

Bread: At the time of review, all Potbelly Sandwich Shop breads, including the Blueberry Maple Square Bun, Ciabatta, white, and multigrain varieties, were milk-free and egg-free.

Toppings: At the time of review, all sandwich toppings, aside from the ranch dressing, cheese, egg patty, oven-roasted turkey, and meatballs, were dairy-free. This includes their Horseradish Mayo, Hummus, Coleslaw, and all other meats and vegetables. See the salad listing below for dressing options.


  • Powerhouse Salad
  • Apple Walnut / Uptown Salad (no cheese)
  • A Wreck Salad (no cheese)
  • Chicken Salad Salad (no cheese)
  • Clubhouse Salad (no cheese)
  • Farmhouse Salad (no cheese)
  • Gonzo Bonzo Salad (no cheese)
  • Italian Salad (no cheese)
  • Mediterranean Salad  (no cheese)
  • Strawberry Bliss Salad (no cheese)
  • Tuna Salad Salad (no cheese)

Dairy-Free Dressings: Balsamic Dressing  / Vinaigrette, Fat Free Vinaigrette, Lemon Vinaigrette, Potbelly Vinaigrette, Thousand Island Dressing

Salad Toppings: At the time of our review, all salad toppings at Potbelly Sandwich Shop were dairy-free, including the Croutons, Candied / Glazed Walnuts, Hummus, and all proteins, fruits, and vegetables.


  • Garden Vegetable

Heads Up! Even the Chicken Noodle and Chili contain milk. The Avocado, Chopped Bacon, Oyster Crackers, and Sliced Onions available for topping the soups are dairy-free.


  • Applesauce
  • Baked Lay’s
  • Coleslaw
  • Garden Side Salad
  • Good Health Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt Olive Oil Chips
  • Lay’s Classic
  • Potato Salad
  • Zapp’s Hotter ‘N Hot Jalapeno Chips
  • Zapp’s Mesquite Bar-B-Que Chips
  • Zapp’s Regular Chips
  • Zapp’s VooDoo Heat Chips

Heads Up! The Macaroni Salad contains milk.


  • Craft Your Own Steel Cut Oatmeal

Oatmeal Toppings (All): Bananas, Brown Sugar, Diced Apples, Dried Cranberry, Glazed Walnuts, Raisins. But they don’t offer any milk beverage for dousing your hot cereal.

This Post is for Informational Purposes Only

Menus, ingredients, kitchen procedures, management, and restaurants are subject to change at any time. Always read the menu and discuss your dietary needs with the staff before ordering. Make sure that they can accommodate your situation. This post is for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as advice.

There is always a risk for potential cross-contamination of allergens in any commercial kitchen. If cross-contamination is an issue for you, always speak with the manager to ensure that your meal can be safely prepared. Listings here do not guarantee that a restaurant is safe enough for your individual needs. Only you can make that decision.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop Dairy-Free Menu Guide with Custom Order Options

Where to Find Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Potbelly Sandwich Shop has over 400 locations, most of which are in the U.S. See their website below for addresses, hours, and online ordering.

Website: www.potbelly.com

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