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Karen at Avoiding Milk Protein sent us the easy to read Allergen Guide (scroll down on the pdf) from Kelsey's. Though they only have a few milk-free items when ordered as is, the guide is very helpful and this is a decent chain for a casual meal out. Locations can be found throughout Canada.

GDF viewer Claire later sent an email with the following quick list of non-dairy menu items for Kelsey's, but be sure to double check on current ingredients and menu items before consumption, especially where severe allergies are of concern:

  • Starters, soups — Popcorn shrimp with Spicy Red chili sauce, Calamari (but not tzatziki sauce), Chicken wings made with Black Pepper Garlic, Honey Garlic, or Guinness BBQ
  • Signature Salads — Toasted Sesame Salad (also with salmon)
  • Entrees — Backyard Pork Ribs
  • Sauces/Dressings — Caesar, Blue Cheese, Sour Cream, and Beef Gravy DO contain dairy, others are dairy-free
  • Sides — Fries, Baked Potato (no butter), Roasted vegetables, Sauteed mushrooms, Rice pilaf, Crackers
  • All desserts contain dairy

See their website for locations: www.kelseys.ca


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  1. I’ve been searching (googling) but can’t find Kelseys allergen ingredient list posted online. I thought all restaurants had to post the ingredients they use in their dishes. You shouldn’t have to contact them and ask. What are they afraid of? I’m going out to dinner in a couple of hours at Kelseys and just want to know which menu items I should avoid, since I have very bad reactions to Soy Lecithin (which seems to be in everything these days) and soy protein, soy whey, soy protein isolate, etc. But not soy oil. I realise you only are dealing with milk allergies, which I don’t have, but LOL I need to vent. I wish these restaurants were more aware of food allergens, and would try harder to post detailed information so that we who are sensitive would know if we can eat there or not, and specifically which items we CAN choose from their menu. My other gripe is, even when they do post an allergen list, as far as soy is concerned, they will just list “soy”, not the various types of soy. If it’s just soy oil, I can eat that item. If it’s one of the others, I can’t. And if you ask a server, regarding soy lecithin, they look at you all confused, having never heard of it before. Not to mention that soy is disguised or hidden as gaur gum, xanthum gum and dozens of other strange names. Frustrating.

    • I can’t say for all countries, but in the US and Canada there are no laws requiring that a restaurant share their ingredients, have an allergen guide, have food allergy options or protocols, etc. So when you find ones that do, know that they are going above and beyond and patron them!

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