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Viewer Cayti contacted Camille's searching for foods that are both egg and dairy-free, and she received the following information:

"The items below do contain milk, eggs, and cream so please avoid these café items:
All cheese
All cookies, cakes, pies, cheesecakes and desserts Chicken Fingers (Brakebush brand) Blue Creamy Caesar Dressing Supreme Blue Cheese Dressing Ranch Dressing Honey Mustard Basil Pesto Sauce Mayonnaise Sundried Tomato Pesto Sauce Tuscan Tomato Soup Chicken Noodle Soup Red Potato and Cheddar Soup Broccoli Cheese Soup Cheese Potato w/ Ham Soup ALL Muffins Cinnamon Scone Napa Valley Panini Turkey Habanero (Can be available to you but without the cheese) Italian Roast Beef Panini Veganini Panini Napa Valley Sandwich ALL Pizza Camille’s Summer Salad Bistro Spinach Salad (Can be available to you but without the goat cheese round) Turkey Deluxe Sandwich Camille’s Club Sandwich Ham and Swiss Sandwich Sonoma Veggie Wrap (Can be available to you but without honey mustard or pepper jack cheese) Mediterranean Roast Beef Wrap Tex Mex Club Chicken Artichoke Grilled Hot Wrap Mexican Daredevil Grilled Hot Wrap Bangkok Thai Wrap Any of the Natu Wraps Chicken Caesar Wrap Toffee Coffee Smoothie Mocha Frappe Smoothie"

Cayti noted that this leaves the following items as made without dairy and eggs:

  • Chicken California Wrap – no honey mustard
  • Sonoma Veggie wrap – no honey mustard
  • Cafe chicken salad
  • Apple-Walnut Tuna Salad
  • The chef – no pepperjack, no croutons
  • Bangkok Thai Salad
  • The House salad – no pepperjack
  • Club Med Grilled Hot Wrap – no mozzarella, no pesto
  • Paris Bistro Grilled Hot Wrap – no honey mustard
  • Michelangelo grilled Hot Wrap – no mozzarella
  • Cafe Chicken Salad – no mayo
  • Apple-Walnut Tuna Sandwich – no mayo, no swiss
  • Fruit Smoothies

Thanks Cayti!

If eggs aren't a problem for you then the mayo will probably be okay (check to be sure, but mayo is rarely if ever made with milk ingredients) and perhaps the honey mustard, though I am not familiar with the ingredients.

Visit the Camille's Cafe Website to see the locations, menu, and to contact them directly:

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