This dining suggestions was originally sent by Karen of Avoiding Milk Protein. It isn’t one I would really recommend for severe allergies, as they really do have few milk-free options (this is a sundae and “Butter” Burger shop), but as she pointed out, they do have a great allergen chart with a few decent options for dairy-free diners.

A follow-up from viewer Ken, gave us some more detailed recommendations:

“Would you be able to add “Culvers”? Just about everything at Culvers has dairy. Only [dairy-free] items are:

  1. Favorites: Beef Pot Roast Sandwich
  2. Favorites: Chicken Tenders Breaded 4 piece
  3. Dinner Plates: Chicken basket –  2 piece (including fries)

Everything else has dairy even the burgers. Must be the buns, since they use “fresh never frozen” hamburger and I assume with no additives.”

Check out the allergen menu link below though, as ingredients do change! It looks like the Culver fries are now dairy-free, too.

Following up on Ken’s concern about the buns, I contacted Culver’s directly. It seems they use dairy butter, though I am not certain if it is on the buns (very possible) or to grill the burgers (oddly enough, some do this). You can come to your own conclusion and utilize their website to pre-plan your customized order. Here is what Culver’s customer service sent to me on the topic:

“At Culver’s, we offer a variety of menu items to help you make the right choices for yourself and your family. Our Made-to-Order Meal Builder can help too. Select a meal and see how it stacks up as prepared. Then customize your nutrition by “holding the mayo” or switching to a diet soda. It’s made to order! A full ingredient listing on all core menu items is also available. To locate please go to:

  • Select ‘Menu’ and then select ‘Nutritional Facts’ from the top of the page.
  • On the Made- to -order Meal Builder; select a category and then the menu item you wish to view.
  • Choose ‘View’ under the item you wished to learn more about.
  • To view the ingredient list, please choose ‘view item detail page’.

It’s our pleasure to offer healthier selections and to prepare your favorites just the way you want.”

They are located throughout the mid-west … and we are looking into that burger issue!

Main Site:

Allergen Chart:

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  1. the dairy is on their buns, though i do not know the ingredients in the actual bun. I get the chicken tenders, fries and a gluten free bun which is individually wrapped and dairy free. I am not a gluten free fan but the buns are soft and good. Also, when i have ordered a hamburger and said no butter on the bun they ask,”is this a dairy allergy?” and i say yes and they have a special button they push to add the warning on my order and to alert the cooks. I am really impressed by that. so be sure to tell them. they also have lemon ice and i often get just a bowl of their strawberries for dessert which are delicious. the brownie bites are also dairy free.

    • Hi Sara, it looks like the fries are too now, which is great! If you are dealing with a severe milk allergy though, you should still always double check at the location and ensure that they aren’t using shared fryers that may cook products with dairy ingredients, too.

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