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Thanks to Annie for sending this email:

We eat gluten-free/casein-free and Outback Steakhouse is fantastic! They are very accomodating. They offer a gluten-free menu, but it is very helpful for milk-free as well because it lists all the nutrional info. We had a great meal and they allow you to bring in any extras that you may need such as dressing, vegan butter, or gluten-free bread. My husabdn ordered cocnut shrimp and when the waitress served the plate, she let him know that they omitted the glaze because it had wheat in it! Just a super-accomodating place!”

Another viewer, Anne, also sent this comment on Outback Steakhouse via the Go Dairy Free Facebook Fan Page:

“The Outback Steakhouse.. at least the one in Puyallup, WA was phenomenal. My son has a SEVERE dairy allergy.. and his friend has Celiacs Disease.. we took them booth out for dinner.. and The Outback stopped food service.. cleaned their grill completely. Cooked these two boys their orders and assured no cross contamination.. then resumed the rest of dinner service. This was on their busy Valentines day night as well. To top it off they apologized for taking so long and discounted our tickets and gave us coupons for $10 off our next visit. Which in reality. Considering all they went through, the food did NOT take long at all to get to us. I was BLOWN away about the extra mile they went for us. The menu was limited as far as items dairy free but my 2 yr old enjoyed a real burger and that made him happy!”

Not everyone has had great dairy-free experiences at the Outback though, and service can obviously vary from location to location based on management and staff since this is a big chain. Reader Kelli sent in differing viewpoint to share:

“I had seen 2 posts on your website about Outback Steakhouse being great at accommodating those with dairy allergies, etc. Having never been there, we decided to try it. When I told my server I was allergic to dairy she said, “now that’s the gluten thing, right?”…..that was just the start of the not great meal.  Other than asking if they’d please not put any sour cream or cheese on my baked potato, and the server just joking how I couldn’t eat the butter for the bread when she delivered it, we were not at all impressed. They didn’t offer to be accommodating in any way. So, just wanted to give you that feedback, in case it would be helpful to anyone else.”

Visit the Outback Steakhouse Nutritional Information page for their special diet info.  If the page doesn’t come up, you can navigate to it from http://www.outbacksteakhouse.com.

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  1. I went to Outback today for my brother’s graduation. We sat at the bar and the servers were fantastic. She brought me a gf menu and even checked ingredients lists on drinks for me even though they were extremely swamped. Six o’clock on a Saturday is not a slow time for restaurants. I had the shrimp appetizer and a strawberry daiquiri. Both were delicious.

  2. Hi! My family driving cross-country this week so we are having to eat out much more than usual. Because of my dairy allergy I have used your website repeatedly throughout the day to figure out which restaurants will be safer options and what on the menu won’t cause a reaction.

    It was based on this that we decided on Outback last night– the reviews ( all but one) were glowing. Well unfortunately I have another negative one for you to add– but this one is beyond the server bringing butter to the table ( which she did– but there are two others in the family that can eat dairy just fine, so that was a non issue).

    After explaining my allergy in excruciating detail, with the waitress’s help, I settled on just ordering the grilled shrimp appetizer ( without butter) and steamed broccoli. This seemed like the easiest, safest, least likely for a hidden allergen to still be served option.

    The shrimp came out fine. The broccoli, however, was contaminated. Someone had begun to apply a butter sauce, apearently stopped when they remembered the dish wasn’t supposed to have butter, put more clean/naked steamed broccoli on top and served it to me instead of starting over with a new plate of clean food. That means the butter wasn’t visible– it was under the food and I couldnt/didn’t see it and neither did my server so she had no idea, either. Needless to say, I had a reaction and am now sick. And frustrated.

    I wanted to warn your other readers about the carelessness of the cooks at the Sioux City Iowa Outback.

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