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Thanks to Go Dairy Free viewer Cristy for emailing in this recommendation: "You should add Penn Station to your list. They have lots of options if you hold the cheese. Looks like there bread contains no milk."

Keep in mind though that we had a warning from another Go Dairy Free viewer, Dwayne: "Penn Station uses butter on their bread before putting through oven.  They are even asked in the FAQ section of their site if they use butter on their bread and give a long answer but do not say no.  They call it "butter flavored oil" and refuse to say that it does not contain butter."

This is a sub shop in the East with various locations  (see website below for addresses, phone numbers, etc.), and they do have FAQ's on their site that indicate no milk / dairy or soy in their bread. You can see the website for a full menu.


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    • Great! Can you provide some information on your dairy-free options? We couldn’t find anything on your website and the above is based on your customers and what they have told us.

  1. Penn Station’s website is now clear that their butter flavored oil contains milk and is OUD Kosher.

    From their site (under “other” on their nutrition FAQ page): “The Penn Station premium butter flavored oil contains artificial flavoring. The only ingredients listed as allergens in the Penn Station premium butter flavored oil are milk and egg (from the flavoring, contains natural and artificial flavoring). Concerned consumers should to consult with their doctor on what is suitable for their dietary restrictions. “

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