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In early 2010, Red Lobster announced that they would be upgrading their menu information to accomodate food allergies. They had begun testing a menu that lists the major allergens, including dairy, wheat, peanuts, eggs, and seafood found in their dishes.

"After recently disclosing nutritional information for every item on all of our menus, the allergen menu is a natural next step in our commitment to transparency and our belief that guests benefit from access to information about what's on our menu," spokesman Mark Jaronski said in an e-mail.

Thanks to an email from Go Dairy Free viewer Cayti, we now have a link to their new allergy information and food allergen chart online:

If you want a full list of ingredients, you can get this from the chains' guest relations departments, but the turn around time could take a day or so, so plan ahead. They should also have these new allergen menus in most if not all Red Lobster locations so that you can view them at your time of visit.

Should the l ink above become outdated, see this main link to their website:

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  1. Stephanie Jensen on

    I have been to two locations in my state and had good experiences both times. While there isn’t a lot on the menu that is available, they make up for that in great customer service. The allergen menu shows the items without any alterations. For example, the side salad is shown as having dairy in it. I was confused, and almost didn’t have a salad the first time. When the server went to get the salad, he realized that it must have been the crouton, and put them on the side. I was impressed. When I went to a second location, the server let me know that they could get me the broccoli without butter. That is very helpful. I recommend them.

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