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Thanks to David in Orem, Utah for this dairy-free ice cream tip!

There’s a place in Orem, UT called “Sub-Zero Ice Cream.”  It’s ice cream where you pick a base from custard, whole milk, 2%, 1%, skim, OR soy milk!  You then add however many mix-ins you want (like Cold Stone).  Once you’ve picked the flavorings you want they inject liquid nitrogen into it to freeze it.  It’s really good.  The only thing to watch out for is some of the mix-ins have milk in them.  Don’t be afraid to ask, they’re really good about stuff like that.  Just be warned that it’s VERY popular and will definitely be busy in the evening.  They’re at 934 N. State Street in Orem, UT.

I also received this information from the core company (it is a chain):

Actually, all of our locations should have a dairy –free option; most offer the choice between soy milk or rice milk.  You then have the option of sweetening it with sugar, Splenda, or Agave sweeteners, and then your choice of flavors and mix-ins.  The soy and rice milk option is a little different than actual ice cream, more ice/slushy consistency than creamy, but it is still good and still presents the multiple of options that our freezing process provides.  And there is no danger of cross-contamination, because for every new order we use a new, clean bowl, and we use a different measuring cup to measure the non-dairy base than the one we use for the dairy ice cream bases.

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  1. My husband and I have been here a couple of times this year and have yet to be disappointed with their dairy free options. Most of their syrups are dairy free so you don’t have to just get a sweetened rice or soy milk option, you can have pumpkin flavored ice cream.

    The consistency of the ice cream is not as creamy as the real stuff, but still tasty. We’ve found that agave syrup is a much better sweetener because it makes the consistency thicker.

    Our favorite combo so far has been the rice milk, agave syrup, and cinnamon base with various fruits… it tastes like a frozen horchata.

  2. Last week my husband and I went to Sub Zero Ice Cream because we’d heard their dairy free options were good. We asked for the almond milk base, then added flavoring and a raspberry mix in, plus they added sugar as a sweetener (they had other options to sweeten it as well). After one bite, we asked for our money back. It tasted like and was the consistency of a snow-cone without flavoring. I was so disappointed!

    I don’t know if choosing the soy base would make it better, but I’d definitely say no to the almond milk base in the future.

    Just thought I’d give my feedback so people don’t make the same mistake I did.

    (they were very understanding and refunded our money right away.)

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