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Las Vegas…known for some of the best cuisine in the world…and the most expensive. Nonetheless, I need my weekly sushi fix, and I am not willing to pat $50 a visit to get it. Thus began our pursuit for the best quality AND value sushi restaurant in the Las Vegas area. Have we found it? Perhaps.

Our first stop was Kaizen Fusion Roll & Sushi. Located just off-strip and open until 2am, this seemed like a viable option for locals and out-of-towners alike. It had a trendy uptown feel, and the service was excellent. The fish? Well, it was okay. To be honest, each piece was swimming in so much potent sauce that it drowned out the delicate flavor of the fish itself. It looked incredible, and the texture was smooth and soft as it should be. The sauces did taste good, and the rolls were creative, but my husband and I are sushi purists. It is the fish that we yearn for. As for the price, we were hoping that the rolls would be so decadent that only a few would be needed to fill us up. But alas, after four $10 to $15 rolls, we could have kept going. I would go again with out of town guests, but Kaizen is definitely not suitable for a weekly budget.

At this point, we were sure that all-you-can-eat was the only way to go. I scoured reviews and asked around for requests. One name that kept popping up time and time again was Makino. The price was right, just $15.95 at lunch, and roughly ten dollars more at dinner. We were expecting a sushi bar style all-you-can-eat, but to our dismay, we discovered it was a buffet. We are not buffet snobs, but for some reason those post-buffet stomachs hate us both, no matter how much portion control we practice. Since we were there, hungry, and the ticket price still looked fair, we each grabbed a plate and began grazing. There were many varieties to choose from, and buffet or not, the sushi chefs were working double time to put out the freshest rolls. Yet, for some reason, the fish was flat, flavorless really. The interesting rolls were good, but it was really the meld of flavors that kept them suitable. The nigiri just didn’t cut it. And so our hunt continued…

I spent an entire evening online searching for reviews, menus, whatever I could find. At last, I settled on our next venture, Sushi Mon. They had a sushi bar style all-you can-eat for around $25 at dinner, $20 at lunch. In addition, Sushi Mon boasted an impressive menu of sushi combos that looked quite intriguing.

We went to their new location in the Summerlin area (not listed on their site, call for directions), and it was packed. Luckily, we discovered that if you are flexible on sitting at the bar or a table, the wait is fairly minimal.

After looking over the all-you-can-eat menu (which was huge!) we decided to scale down and select dinner combos (note the actuals are different from the website menu). I chose the Sashimi Dinner for just $15.95, while my husband ordered the Sushi Dinner for just $12.95. Both came with a generous bowl of miso soup and an actual green salad (not the cheap iceberg version). My beautifully arranged platter arrived with 15 thickly sliced pieces of sashimi (and two bonus pieces of Krab), including three of each of the following: yellowtail, albacore, pink tuna, red snapper, and salmon. My husband had a selection of 8 pieces of nigiri and a large California Roll. The verdict: Excellent. The salmon and yellowtail were spot on – fresh, mild, and buttery. The albacore wasn’t as good as I had hoped at first, but a repeat visit offered a much better product. The service is very attentive, a little too much so at times. Within ten minutes five different staff members (yes, the very ones in the picture) came by to ask my husband if they could refill his drink.

So did we find our regular sushi hangout? It would seem so; I don’t think we have missed a week at Sushi-Mon this month! Affordable, good atmosphere, and delicious…my favorite dinner combination.

Note: I have heard that Sushi-Mon is very strict on the one hour time limit for all-you-can-eat diners. You can either be-grudge the rules, or respect them and enjoy your fish. I recommend the latter. If you are coming from out of town, the Maryland Parkway location is quite close to the strip (a short cab ride), directions are available on their website.

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